Why Interior Design Photography?

Why Interior Design Photography?

Someone asked me several weeks ago if I feel like there is much purpose in my work now that I shoot interior design rather than weddings. I understood the curiosity of the question because interior design isn’t quite as monumental as a wedding day.. on the surface at least.

There are a lot of reasons why photographing interior design holds value to me, but I want to share one of the main reasons today.

farmhouse kitchen, rattan kitchen chairs, black and white pendants, kitchen design

farmhouse kitchen, rattan kitchen chairs, black and white pendants, kitchen designDesign by House of Brazier

On the surface design is a luxury.

But just like any small business, designers provide a service and work hard to create a life for their families, outside of the luxury of design. And this important part of owning and operating any business is what I started to think about when I was asked the question of how shooting design holds value to me.

A photograph and what it means.

As an interior design photographer, I get to help small businesses. I’m able to connect with other women and men pursuing their own dream careers and give them a tangible, valuable piece of their project…a photograph of it.

A photograph they can use on their website, their social media, their Houzz page, a photo that might be published in a local or national magazine, showing off their hard work.

The why.

Shooting interior design is so much more than just photographing a beautiful space. And although shooting a beautiful space is also one of my favorite parts of this work that I do, it isn’t the whole of it.

  • Helping small business owners achieve the goal to have their project photographed
  • Seeing them light up when we frame the shot “just right” on-location
  • Watching their work go viral on social media
  • Turning the pages of a national magazine and seeing the combined efforts of a designers work and my photograph achieve a publication
  • Opening up a designers website and seeing their projects displayed with photos I have taken across the front page, all through out their portfolio and marketing materials

At the end of the day, it’s my biggest hope that when a designer (or contractor…I see you Tankersley Construction :)) works with me, they leave with photographs that shows off the months and sometimes years of hard work they dedicated to their project.

This is one of the main reasons I believe there is so much value in the work of photographing interior design and I am so grateful this is my path.

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