My Not-So-Secret, Guilty Pleasure

One of my guilty pleasures as an interior design photographer is getting a glimpse inside other people’s homes. Call me crazy or even creepy (I promise I am not :)), but I have always been so fascinated by design and what makes someone’s house, a home…to them!

For most of my childhood, this fascination stemmed from thinking I would become an interior designer. Back in 2015 I wrote this post where I shared my very yellow room from Junior High, with a carefully selected chair rail and perfectly placed NSYNC posters.

I think people have always known about my fascination because I constantly get messages from my friends, showing me their newly decorated living rooms..bathrooms..bedrooms. And asking for advice on how to choose items for their homes. It’s something that makes me so happy, but contrary to my childhood dreams.. I know for certain I was never supposed to work as an interior designer.

When I first became a photographer, I never considered a world outside of weddings and portraits. I didn’t know there was a space for interior design photography or how a person ever made it into commercial photography. But life has a way of bringing you to the work you’re meant to be doing and I’m so glad mine led me to what I do now.

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