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Reading: Big Magic, “…when I refer to ‘creative living,’ I am speaking more broadly. I’m talking about living a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.” This book has been a completely refreshing perspective on pushing past fear, accepting collaboration with your dreams, and living creatively. I typically read before bed each night and I’ve found myself turning out the lights much later than I should when I pick this book up! :)

Loving: Morning coffee. One of my very best friends owns and operates a coffee roastery here in Sacramento. He brought us some of his coffee last week when I did a shoot for him, so Jeff and I have been enjoying Mast Coffee each morning!

Watching: Scandal. Where has this show been all of my life? Jeff and I are hooked. Season 3 here we come!

Planning: Learn pottery!! I have always had an obsession with natural elements and hand-crafted pieces. Back in college I often shopped the end of the year pottery show in Kadema Hall, wishing it was me that created those pieces. But it wasn’t until recently that I considered enrolling myself in some sort of local pottery class to fulfill that longtime dream! If you have any suggestions of sweet, local studios that offer pottery classes then hook a sister up. ;)

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