Monthly Favorites | January


Volcano Candle: Ohh this candle, it speaks to me in magical ways. I typically burn different scents based on the seasons. But,Volcano is the perfect balance of citrus and fresh which means I enjoy burning it in the hot, Summer months and the cozy, Winter months alike.

Karma Kream: I really I have a thing for citrus right now. Perhaps due to the fact that I often associate scents with seasons (see candle above), but citrus makes me feel equal parts fresh/clean and cozy/winter. I know I basically repeated what I said above, I digress. Karma Kream does it for me right now. Not only is the lotion great, but I LOVE that Lush is entirely cruelty free. I don’t mean they’re kind of cruelty free like most products we use (see video here if you don’t know what I’m talking about), they are in fact a zero tolerance, cruelty free company. I enjoy that.

See San Francisco: I love a good coffee table book, and lucky for me my Momma dearest added this one to my collection for Christmas. Since we live so close to SF, yet rarely explore the city, I thought this book would be fun to look through and pin point a few spots to see on our next visit to the Bay.

Marble Table (similar): Every few months our local West Elm has a sidewalk sale where they sell pieces from their store at a discounted price. For months I had seen their marble bistro table wishing I could own it. Unwilling to pay the price and fairly certain there wasn’t room in our home for a random bistro table I let my dream slip away, dramatic much..I know. Enter last weekend’s sidewalk sale! Just as we were about to head home, my friend pointed out what looked like two table tops sitting near the entrance. As luck would have it, my marble tabletop was there waiting for me, legless and $225 less than the original price. The legless part is good because, remember? No place for a bistro table. But a legless marble tabletop? I can make room for the new coffee table it will become :).

Coffitivity: This site is just rad. If you work from home but enjoy the sounds of a busy coffeeshop in the background, you will love this site. I recently discovered it and whenever I pop this on my productivity seems to increase. There’s something calming about the buzz of a coffeeshop, but I don’t always have time to drive out to one for work. So glad to have found coffitivity.

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