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I’ve recently discovered the world of podcasts and it’s my new favorite thing. I miss out on a lot of human interaction working from home, so people talking to people is nice to listen to when you don’t talk to many people on a daily basis! It’s no secret that I love being around people. So working from home has taught me to be creative in this area. Podcasts to the rescue!

It’s incredible how many genres there are on iTunes and Soundcloud. There’s really something for everyone. However, since I own and run a business, I’ve found that I’m most drawn to the business genre of podcasts. But to keep a healthy balance I like to mix in some “fun” listens as well. Below you’ll find eight of my favorite podcasts, linked to their corresponding sites in case you want to give them a listen!

For Business

Filler: a creative industries podcast

If you love a British accent and sounds of a coffeeshop then you’ll absolutely love Filler. Recorded in a London coffeeshop, hosted by Harry and Matt. They interview incredibly talented creatives like filmmaker Jack Harries and Facebook Designer Blaise DiPersia. This podcast takes me away for 30-40 minutes and makes me feel like I’m sat right in the coffeeshop listening to London life happen all around me! 

The Influence Podcast

I really enjoy listening to inspirational women who are following their dreams in creative industries. The Influence podcast interviews some of the biggest names in social media; creative entrepreneurs who happen to love Jesus and kick booty in their industries. 

Online Marketing Made Easy

This one is pretty self explanatory! Hosted by social media strategist, Amy Porterfield she talks all things marketing and social media! Two things I love. 

The Lively Show

Jess focuses her podcast mainly on living with intention throughout your personal and business life. This one isn’t particularly business-focused but it’s a great listen during the work day! 

For Fun:


As I’ve mentioned many times over, I’m a huge fan of YouTube so it’s probably no surprise that 3 of my favorite podcasts come from YouTubers. Psychobabble is hosted by Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl. They talk about pop culture drama, and are total goof balls on the show. Sometimes you just need to check out of reality and listen to something that makes you laugh! Psychobabble literally has me laughing out loud most days. 

When The Kids Go To Sleep (video or podcast!)

Youtuber #2, hosted by family vlogger’s The Shaytards, Shay and Colette host a show where they talk all things life, family, pop culture, etc. These two are a husband/wife duo that vlog their daily life on YouTube. Their vlog is more family friendly, so they don’t shy away from talking about the tougher topics on their podcast. Shay is hilarious and Colette keeps him grounded. WTKGTS is an absolute favorite. 

Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids

To be honest, I just found this podcast as I was writing this blog post and I am SO glad that I did. Once again, named appropriately for the topics recorded, in this podcast grownups read things they wrote as kids. However, because some kids were happy during their childhood and some teens struggled with issues like body image, this podcast seems to incorporate an array of subjects within each recording. I’ve found this listen quite interesting so far!

Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig

Grace is another YouTuber, surprise! I feel like she’s an acquired taste but I’ve come to acquire her over the last few months. She’s a comedian who mostly interviews other YouTubers about the most random things. Hence, “Not too deep.” She likes to keep things light and funny on her show, which I love.

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