You might not know these things about me!


1. I’m extra clumsy. The scar on my right arm (pictured above) is either from a burn when I worked as a barista at Starbucks or when I went zip-lining in Mexico. I can’t actually remember!

2. My dad and I have the exact same toe shapes. When compared side-by-side we’re identical toe twins, it’s really the weirdest.

3. I met my husband Sophomore year of high school but we didn’t start dating until the week after graduation. So we’re #kindofhighschoolsweethearts #butnotreally.

4. I don’t believe in decorating with a color scheme. Instead, I believe in eclectic finds, copper accents & excessive amounts of plants.

5. I can type at 87 wpm! Want to waste 30 minutes of your evening and find out your speed? Click here. You’re welcome ;)

We all have our weirds though, right? ;) Tell me yours below so I feel less awkward about the fact that you know more about my toes than you should!

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