5 Tips to achieve better iPhone pictures


Do you ever scroll through Instagram or Facebook and find yourself cringing at all of the blurry, poorly lit pictures that people post? Or do you ever wish your personal iPhone pictures looked a bit better? I’ve compiled a list below with 5 Tips that you need for taking better iPhone pictures!

1. Consider your available light source. Stay clear of direct sun! I see SO many people make this mistake at BBQ’s, family gatherings, parties..you name it. When group pictures roll around people pile into that direct sun because sun makes everything brighter, right? Wrong! Direct sun creates harsh shadows and squinty eyes. Instead find a patch of shade and pile in. To piggy-back on that, direct sun is a no-no but natural light is the best light! If you’re in-doors and you find it’s poorly lit, instead of turning to lamps and overhead lighting, pop open the nearest window shades and let the natural light stream in.

2. Remove the clutter. Nothing is more distracting in a picture than when you see dishes piled up on the counter or toys thrown about a room. Take a minute to clean up or shove the clutter to another corner (my favorite method ;)) before snapping away.

3. Remember composition. A lot of photographers talk about using the Rule of 3rds when taking a picture. This is a great place to start and will eventually train your eye to automatically shoot this way. Going back to the family BBQ group photos, everyone wants to be photographed “from the waist up,” we’ve all heard that right? Well instead of shoot waist leveling, angeling your camera to shoot the top half of your subject and 95% of the sky, move a little closer to them and shoot from a high angel. High angels create depth between you and your subject and give that slimming look we all want.

4. Don’t zoom in. iPhone cameras have zoom capabilities that should not be used! The more you zoom the more your detail is lost. Instead, move closer to your subject and get that crisp shot. You can then crop your image later if you need a closer look!

5. Enhance your image with an app. I talked about how I edit my Instagram photos a while back, and should probably update that as it’s slightly changed these days. However, a small adjustment to your exposure and contrast is good for any picture. Make those images a bit brighter so we can see what’s happening. My favorite apps to do this in are Afterlight & VSCO cam.

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