Jack Davis: One Month

Jack, meet everyone. Everyone meet Jack.

Born 9.3.18, 8lbs 2oz, 19.5″ long.

My baby boy is officially one month old today. This last month has been the craziest, scariest, amazing, challenging and most beautiful month of my life.

His labor and delivery was fairly standard in that I had painful contractions (for 3 days), there were no complications and then I had a baby at the end of it all. Since bringing him home my world has changed in all of the ways you’d expect of a new Mama.

I spend most of my days breastfeeding him, convincing him to fall asleep, and taking pictures of him. He’s a great little eater and has been since day one. I consider myself super lucky because I know not everyone has such an easy journey with BF’ing. He loves baths in the tub but definitely not washcloth baths..he hates those. He sleeps really well most nights and has the sweetest little personality.

At one month old he’s grown significantly since day one. He’s much longer and now he weighs almost 11lbs. He’s outgrown most of his newborn clothes but still wears newborn diapers. Loves a paci and his snuggle me organic.

He’s honestly such a chill baby most of the time and I consider myself really lucky. He’s just the coolest.


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