Jack Davis: Two Months

Somehow my baby boy is two months old today. He decided to get bigger, smarter and older all on his own and forgot to ask me if that was okay.

In the last month he turned into a real life human baby, not just a newborn. His cheeks are chunkier, his legs are meatier, and his personality is the best thing about him.

In his second month of life he:

  • loves his play gym
  • discovered how to kick and flail all of his limbs
  • found his tongue
  • started loving bath-time… when Mama has the water cool enough (oops)
  • real-life laughed for this first time (at 5 weeks!)
  • celebrated his first Halloween by mostly sleeping
  • grew to be 13lbs 3oz
  • loves to be worn in his solly wrap
  • tagged along with Mama on his first photoshoot
  • loves to stare at the peace sign above his bed

It’s so rad watching him discover new things every day. Being his Mama is the coolest thing I’ve ever done!

2 month highlights

His first Halloween as a Lion!

Daily shoots with Mama

One month vs. Two months

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