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Jack’s nursery is finally all done and it’s the best room in my house! This was by far my most favorite project during pregnancy. I had never designed a room start to finish until this one and it was such a fun thing to focus on while the rest of my life was in total chaos. This room was a safe place for me and I knew I would clock many, many hours in here with my little boy on the way so it was important for me to create a very special space.

I wanted this room to be bright and earthy with fun pops of color, and fairly gender neutral. So, I drew a lot of inspiration from accounts on instagram and browsing Pinterest…and of course the girls at Design Shop, because I had to run every purchase by them first haha…sorry Ash ;)

Three rugs, two gliders and several returns later…we have a finished nursery that I’m so excited to share!

There are so many personal touches in this room that mean a lot to me so here’s where I’ll fill you in on those and get sentimental for a sec:

The rainbow…I love the trend of rainbows in nurseries, I think it’s so so cute. But for me? The rainbow is a symbol of God’s faithfulness and His promises to us. I wanted that in Jack’s room because we need to be reminded DAILY of God’s promises and be reminded that He loves His kids so much and wants to restore them during hard times. The first month of Jack’s life, he would look up at the rainbow and smile every single day! He wasn’t “supposed” to start smiling until 2 months but he started at 2 weeks. And one of the first things he smiled in response to was this sweet rainbow. I thought it was so ironic and such a Jesus moment that some of Jack’s earliest smiles were in response to a symbol of God’s promises.

The peace sign…One of my friends put this same peace sign flag above her son’s crib and I loved it the day I saw it but I didn’t want to fullllly copy her design. However, I came across this same peace sign in a different color scheme one day and knew I had to have it in Jack’s room. This peace sign is another symbol to me that God whispers peace over my son and I every single day. My heart has been so anxious for so long but Jesus has not created us with a spirit of fear and anxiety. He is created us to be bold and to be at peace! Every time I walk in his nursery I see a huge reminder over his crib that God is my strength and my PEACE. I want to feel His peace and His faithfulness during this time in mine and Jack’s life and having both the peace sign and rainbow in his room do just that! It’s also kind of ironic to me that Jack will stare at his peace sign for SO long when I lay him in the crib. He giggles at it and stares at it every day. Newborns love black and white so I’m sure that’s why…but it’s still fun to see him love these two special pieces so much!

The birth poster…This poster has all of Jack’s birth measurements on it and it’s scaled to the size he was at birth, 19.5″ long and I just think it’s the sweetest, customized art I’ve ever seen and I’ll have it up in my home forever…even when he’s 18, sorry kid.

I get a lot of compliments on his book shelves, and they are one of my absolute favorite parts of Jack’s room! I can’t take credit for their originality though because I basically just copied Molly from Almost Makes Perfect and bought all of the books she bought so it would look as cute as her son Arlo’s shelves ha… super unoriginal of me but I absolutely love it so I’m cool with being unoriginal here.

Leave your questions below if you have any and I’ll answer in the comments!

Shop his room here:


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