We live in such a rad time where the internet has created this eco-system of creativity. With just a few clicks on Instagram or Pinterest, there is a world of hand-made products, done by creatives at your fingertips.

Carrie of Stitch Folks, is exactly this. She started her business just three years ago in her tiny upstairs apartment, as she calls it. She commissions anything from small portrait pieces to larger scale marketing pieces and we discovered each other through Instagram.

When I clicked over to her feed I was immediately drawn to her modern approach on nostalgic, hand-stitched embroidery and I knew I had to find a way to collaborate with her! Each one of her pieces looked so intricate and were unlike anything I had ever seen.

When Carrie agreed to collaborate I was beyond thrilled because I wanted all of YOU to see her amazing work. This piece she sent to me is irreplaceable, and one of a kind. It’s a portrait of me and my husband that we will have forever and knowing it was carefully hand-stitched by Carrie makes it even more special. Her attention to detail is absolutely spot-on, down to my husbands squint-lines when he smiles. It blew me away when I received our embroidery!

How I style my Stitch Folks embroidery

I love styling this piece in two ways; either rested up against the wall on our mantle or hung above my nightstand. It’s such a unique piece that it’s great grouped in with other items or as stand alone wall art. I also like pairing it near our round mirror to create a repeat pattern (which probably breaks a few design rules, but I enjoy it :)).

Carrie recently launched a collection of mini portrait pieces that I think are so cute! Some off these would be perfect for your kitchen, or in your child’s room, anywhere really. Shop her Etsy here and let her know I sent you! Check out her website here and give her some love over on instagram :)

It’s safe to say that I’m a big Stitch Folks fan and I think you should be too. Don’t forget to “shop small” this Holiday season and support small businesses like Carrie’s!

Our master bedroom has always been my favorite room in our house namely because the lighting is always perfect and it’s the closest room to being “done” (if done is really ever such a thing). We’ve made quite a few updates to this little space over the last two months so I thought it was about time for an update on what our Master Bedroom looks like today.

Mid Century Bright White Bedroom

Our Bed

Brooklyn Bedding was kind enough to send us one of their king sized mattresses so we started our room transformation by completely shifting the orientation of our room set up to accommodate a king sized bed. Having our room orientation this way was actually our best use of space compared to our previous set up, so we are pretty excited about that!

One of the coolest parts of this mattress is the way it was delivered. They come rolled up in a cardboard box that you can lift with two people, and bring into a tiny house like ours with ease. The entire king sized mattress literally fit inside a box smaller than me! I have seen these types of mattresses pop up over the last few years and I was always curious if they would actually live up to the hype or not. Now that we’ve had our mattress for a little while it’s safe to say that sleeping on a foam mattress is a world of difference in terms of both back support and enjoying a deeper night’s sleep, and they DO indeed live up to the hype!

Sleeping on a foam mattress was new for us, as we had been sleeping on a 12 year old standard, spring mattress for the entire 7 years of our marriage! Yikes. At first the foam felt really firm, perhaps even a bit too firm for us, but don’t let that scare you when you first get the mattress because we’ve been sleeping on it for about 3 weeks now and the mattress has started to break in and form to our bodies so nicely. We are absolutely LOVING it. We selected the “medium” firmness since this was their best seller, but BB has 3 options for you to select from depending on your firmness preference. It comes with a super soft pillow top built into the mattress which also allows for extra comfort.

The verdict? The Brooklyn Bedding, mattress in a box is a 10 out of 10, would recommend!

Shop our mattress here!

We obviously had to upgrade our bed frame & bedding since we got a fancy new mattress, items are linked below for your convenience. ;)

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Mid Century Bright White Bedroom, Greenery in Bedroom

Mid Century Bright White Bedroom Mid Century Bright White Bedroom

Our Bedside

I am a total book worm and I read for at least 10 minutes, if not longer, before I go to sleep every night. So it was really important to me that we had great bedside lighting. We upgraded our previous sconces with some new ones from my favorite, modern lighting company One Forty Three. These “Wallace Lamps” were also kindly sent to us at no cost, and they were the perfect addition to our bedside. The Wallace Lamp comes in every color of the rainbow and they come in both hardwired or plug-in versions. Their clean, minimal design fit the aesthetic of our room perfectly and I’m so glad they are part of our room design!

Mid Century Bright Bedroom

And perhaps my favorite addition to our room is the custom portrait, embroidered art above my nightstand by Stitch Folks. Carrie and I met through Instagram several months ago and I was in love with her embroidery the minute I found her. It was unlike anything I had ever seen and I was dying to see one of her pieces in my home! This piece is so, so special to me and I was floored when I opened the packaging and saw how spot-on her portraits were..it looks just like me and Jeff! I’ll be sharing more about this little piece in an upcoming post, so be on the look out for that.

Shop Stitch Folks here and commission her for custom art of your own!



See how our room has transformed over the last 2 1/2 years 2015 and 2016.

All bedroom sources | bedding, bed frame, embroidery art, ceiling light, sconces, salt lamp, accordion hooks, mirror (similar), wall color, curtains, nightstands are vintage

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what to read this fall, what to read in autumn

Ok I know it’s not officially Autumn yet but we’re heading in that direction quickly so I thought you might want to start preparing that cozy, Autumn list of books to read! I’ve done various posts on books through out my years blogging, but I usually share those reads after I’ve made my way through the entirety of the book. I wanted to change things up a bit and share with you what I’m currently reading, so maybe you can join in while I’m still knee-deep in the books as well.

I’ve always been the type of reader to be 10 chapters deep in 4-5 books at a time. I love mixing up my daily reads just to keep things interesting and challenge my mind with different topics. So below you’ll see the wide range of stories I’m currently working through.

Currently on the Night-Stand

Chasing Slow: This is a memoir/coffee table book that I saw fly through social media about 4 or 5 months ago. I knew that I’d eventually pick it up because I’m usually “in” to the trendy books that everyone likes to read. Sorry not sorry. I was excited to see what truth bombs this book had for me because lately I feel like I can’t ever fully “shut-off,” and surely Chasing Slow would have a tip or two on doing so. Sure enough, I’ve found myself highlighting my way through most chapters and making notes along the margins. This is a good’un to pick up to clear your brain.

Caraval: The older I get, the harder I am to please in the fiction genre. It takes a lot for me to get sucked into fictional stories and it’s not because I don’t like reading fiction, I actually love it. But apparently I’m exceptionally picky. It’s been almost a year since I finished my all-time favorite fiction series, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and I’ve struggled to find anything that lives up to that ever since. Enter Caraval. I picked this book up on a whim because I really liked the cover since it reminded me of my favorite stand-alone book, The Night Circus. And now it’s turning into one of my all-time favorite reads. It’s nothing like I’d imagined it would be, but it’s magical, seductive, mysterious, and a really adventurous read!

You are a Badass at Making Money: Okay, are you done laughing yet? I know, what a weird title. Stay with me though. I really like to challenge myself by always keeping some sort of business related book in my stack of current reads and this so happens to be on my nightstand right now. Since money is so taboo and never talked about, I thought I’d challenge myself to read about such an uncomfortable topic. This book covers a lot about our mindset and road blocks when it comes to money. Jen Sincero, the author, went from being really poor to crazy rich once she shifted her mindset about money in her daily life. I’ve learned so much about perspective and how to navigate the negative thoughts we have about money through this book. Would highly recommend!

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I first came across podcasts about 2 years ago and it was a world I knew nothing about. Since then I’ve subscribed to 20 podcasts and listened to thousands of episodes. They are the first thing I pop on when I do chores around the house or when I drive somewhere in the car. There’s something really comforting to me about listening to conversation happening while I go about my task at hand. It takes my mind off the present and allows me to drift into their conversation for the length of whatever I’m working on.

If you’re new to podcasts like I was, you probably have no clue where to start. So today I’m listing my 7 favorite episodes from various channels that I listen to. I tend to listen to podcasts that focus on lifestyle and business so you’ll notice somewhat of a theme in the episodes below. Podcasts are my absolute favorite way to pass the time and maybe you’ll find they do the same for you!

Awesome With Alison, Ep. 8: “Ok, ok! I’ll finally talk about my weight loss!

Young House Love Has a Podcast, Ep. 20: “White Walls: Overrated? Overdone? Or Still Totally Awesome?

The Chris Loves Julia Podcast, Ep. 40: “Real talk on Being Professional Bloggers

Style Matters Podcast: “DIY Minimalist Home

Ctrl Alt Delete, Ep. 2: “Zoella – Talking Internet Fame & Being Your Own Boss

The Goal Digger Podcast, Ep. 18: “Finding a Job You LOVE with Alaina Kaczmarski of The Everygirl

A Well-Designed Business, Ep. 184: “Amber Lewis – Important Business Tips to Run Your Interior Design Firm


I’ll be heading to Seattle for work next week and since we’re entering in to one of the most traveled times of the year, I thought it was the perfect time to share a few of my Spring/Summer travel essentials.

As a self-proclaimed homebody, traveling.. although incredibly fun, can also feel a bit daunting. Between packing, checking flights, arranging rides to the airport and everything in between, it gets a tad stressful! But if I know that I’ll be traveling with everything that I need, the whole traveling process seems to run a bit more smooth. I did some light traveling in 2016 and noticed there were several areas that lacked. So, I spent the last few weeks scouring the internet for the perfect travel essentials to add to my lineup and I think I’m all set to go!

Travel Essentials

Lo and Sons Catalina Deluxe in Small: One of the biggest areas that was lacking from my travel set-up was a carry-on tote that was big enough to pack all of the necessities, but small enough to bring on a flight. Enter the Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe in size small.

I love this bag for so many reasons, but I’ll highlight just a few. It has a quality canvas material, it’s just the right size with the perfect amount of compartments, the customer service is amazing, it’s super versatile, and it’s the cutest tote that I own! And the BEST part? It comes with a secret compartment. The underside of the bag has a zipper compartment perfect for storing shoes, an extra outfit, toiletries, or basically anything you want to keep separate from the main part of the bag. Genius. Since this will be my in-flight bag while traveling to Seattle, I plan to store an extra pair of clothing in that downstairs compartment (you never know if your bags will get lost…always have to be prepared)!

I am obsessed with this bag and I’m already envisioning all of the fun, Summer places I’ll take her too. The beach? The lake? SF? Tahoe? So many! If you’re looking for a cute, quality bag for this Summer definitely consider the Catalina Deluxe.

Toiletry Bag (in black): I’ve been using my mom’s old toiletry bag for years and years, one of those hanging toiletry bags that rolls up and gets packed full of far too many unnecessary products just because I have the space. Well, I’ve found that not only has it become too bulky but it’s so old and dingy that I needed a new one. I found this one, which is a bit more compact with ample amount of storage because of all the compartments. Are you seeing a theme? Girlfriend luuuvs compartments.

GoToob Travel Bottles: Meet the perfect shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles. These are virtually leak-proof with a large opening making it easy to fill with product. Also, the material of the bottles allow you to easily squeeze out every last drop of your product.

Twisty Ties: Between my laptop charger, cell phone charger, kindle charger, and all of the miscellaneous wires that work their way into my suitcase, these twisty ties will be my saving grace.

Ok friends, that sums up all of my new travel essentials that I can’t wait to use on my upcoming trip! Is there anything that I’m missing? What are your must-haves for travel? For more travel-related posts click on over to this space here!

*I was sent the Catalina Deluxe in small from Lo & Sons at no cost in exchange for a blog post. All opinions are my own*