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I remember sitting on my bed in my parent’s home in early 2009, frantically searching the internet for a support system. My boyfriend had recently enlisted in the Army and we began talking about marriage. I didn’t know the first thing about the military or what being married to someone in the military would be like. So, as any 20 year old might do, I turned to the internet.

What I eventually stumbled on was this not-so-hidden community of supportive military spouses and their respective blogs. “Blogs? Really? People actually write publicly for others to read and absorb their personal thoughts? They publish it on the internet for all to see?” I didn’t know that people actually blogged. I had heard of it before, and honestly thought it was a bit silly…even the name, BLOG. Sounded more like the word blob to me. But the more I learned about this community, the more I wanted to join them. I would spend hours jumping around to different blogs, reading about how wives dealt with their lives as military spouses, what it was like to be married to a deployed soldier, and how to move cross-country… I was hooked.

Shortly after Jeff and I got married, I decided it was time. I would start a personal blog. So, on October 6, 2010…I did it. I posted probably the most cringe-worthy first blog post of all time. I remember feeling SO proud of it though. I hit publish, released it into the world and started a blog: here’s the proof.

It’s a little bit wild thinking back to this time in my life, some six years ago. What I didn’t know then is that I was setting the foundation for one of the most integral parts of my business. Blogging has been many things for me over the last six years. It’s been a personal outlet, a creative space, a portfolio, an educational place, and something that has brought me so much happiness. The first half of 2016 I began blogging twice weekly, and I didn’t miss an entire post all the way through June. But in July, I took a one month hiatus from blogging. I didn’t do this because I wanted to stop blogging, but after blogging twice-weekly, every week I knew I needed to re-focus and define my “why” for this space.

As I approach my sixth year in business, a lot looks different in my life and this blog reflects that! My husband and I are coming up on six years of marriage, we own our very first home, I have a full-time wedding photography business, I’m the leader of our local Tuesday’s Together chapter, and the world keeps on spinning.

So,”Why Blog?” Though much of my life is different than when I first found my way into the blogging world, my why is actually much the same as when I started. I blog because I absolutely love it. For whatever reason, I have a lot of words floating around in this little head of mine and typing out these long-winded posts feels exceptionally therapeutic. I’m sure you feel the same by this point in the post, too…right? ;). I digress. This space allows me to share my creativity (however horrible or great it might be) with all of you, it gives me the opportunity to share my photography and highlight the incredible couples I get to work with.

To my friends reading this…We may have never met before, maybe we’ve known each other for all 28 years of my life, maybe I photographed your wedding three years ago, or we randomly crossed paths in a coffee shop and I handed you my card, whomever you are and however you know me, it’s my honest hope that as you come to this space you find posts that leave you feeling inspired. Whether it’s a new book that I’m reading or a sweet vintage rug that I found at a flea market, I hope it makes you smile and reminds you that life is full of happy things. From tips and tricks about the path to running your own business to lengthy, photo-filled wedding posts, I hope that I have added some value to your day and that reading this blog has been worth your time.

Moving forward, I am excited to continue blogging regularly; sharing bits of every day life, home projects & organization, photography work, tips and tricks, monthly favorites, and all of life’s little delights that remind us of the good in this world.

If you’re still reading…you’re my why. Thank you for hanging around all of this time, and for supporting what I love to do!

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