How to Shop Second-Hand: Weekend Finds for $22!


Nothing makes me happier than finding gently loved items for my home at a great price, i.e. shopping second-hand. The hunt to find said items can however be equal parts disappointing and rewarding. I say this because there have been many-a-weekend-hunt rummaging garage sales, thrift stores, antique shops and a few good minutes scrolling through Craigslist where I have left empty-handed. This is precisely what makes the hunt fun for me though! When I do happen upon those gems, the diamonds in the rough if you will, it makes the empty-handed weekends feel less disappointing knowing that eventually my efforts will pay off.

Last weekend I scored some great second-hand finds pictured in this post: 2 matured jades, 1 cactus 1 matured aloe plant, 2 decorative straw pieces, 1 weaved fruit basket, and 2 ceramic pots for a grand total of $22! So, to piggy-back off last week’s post I wanted to chat a little bit about how I shop second-hand and give you a few tips on how you too can score second-hand gems!



It’s really easy to get overwhelmed when you walk into the chaos of second-hand shops and garage sales. So, in order to see past the fake flowers, ancient electronics, and out-of-season holiday decor.. you need a plan. Here are some items that are usually on my hunting list: mid-century furniture, baskets, hand-made ceramics, plants, wall-art, vintage candle-sticks, and anything else that falls into my personal style (see last week’s post). I usually have a good look around any second-hand store that I visit, just to be sure I haven’t missed anything. If you’re feeling extra patient it’s also fun to thumb through the book section.


Years ago I found a really great wicker chest that we repurposed into a coffee-table in one of our first apartments. It fit the aesthetics of our home, served as extra storage, and only cost us $10! I still have this chest today, it’s great storage and sits under my desk as a foot rest for my short legs. :) I found 2 straw hot-pads at a thrift store last weekend (one pictured above), I’ve decided to repurpose them as wall decor instead of their traditional use in the kitchen.


At the garage sale I went to last weekend, they mentioned that everything in their home needed to go, as their mother had recently passed away and they would be selling her home. After striking up conversation with them and offering my condolences for their loss I asked if their mother had any mid-century modern furniture they were looking to sell. They said she wasn’t the mid-century type but instead asked if I had any interest in cacti and succulents…(uhhh do they even know who they’re talking to?!) By showing my interest in buying more items from them, they opened their backyard to me where I found 4 great plants (1 cacti and 3 succulents) to add to my collection! Each plant cost me $3.75, had I gone to Home Depot for these same plants, they would have easily been anywhere from $15-$25/plant. Even though I didn’t find mid-century furniture, I would still call this a success.


It really starts to add up when you furnish a home so shopping second-hand is the perfect way to add some variety to your style while keeping to your budget!




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