Reading, Loving, Watching, Planning | vol. 3


Reading: The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. I’m not usually a historical fiction fan, but this read by Jodi Picoult might be changing my tune. It’s a modern day story mixed with flashbacks to the Holocaust and it’s just about the most interesting book I’ve read all year. I’ve found myself researching Auschwitz and watching documentaries on Holocaust survivors since starting this book. I haven’t yet finished it, but I sure can see my evening productivity going downhill fast until I do. :)

Loving: Exploring Sacramento. This sounds strange, I know. But, I’ve lived in Sacramento my whole life and had never really taken time to explore my own city. However, in the last 3 months I’ve found myself in Midtown and East Sac more than I’ve ever been the entire time living here. And you know what? We have some great things in our little city. There’s a growing community of creative entrepreneurs and really interesting independent shops and restaurants that I never knew existed.

Watching: Game of am I just now starting this show? I felt a little bit overwhelmed by the task of starting a new show, because….all of the binge watching and losing even more said productivity from paragraph one. But I love this show. Great decision!

Planning: A trip to Cabo!! Myself, Jeff and the in-law family will be escaping the rush of life, wifi and all things related to being an adult for 7 days later this month and I can hardly wait. Swim up bars, floppy hats, a stack of good books to read, and copious amounts of guacamole are in my future and I can hardly wait.

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