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New York City: My number one favorite from the month of May is definitely our trip to NYC! Seeing the Top of the Rock was beautiful, and wandering through Central Park was my favorite thing ever. Take me back, like yesterday please.

Simple Matters: This is a beautifully bound coffee-table book that I read from cover-to-cover. Every last page of this book is filled with inspiration for simplified living. Whether you’re searching for all-natural ways to clean your home, or feel the need to purge your belongings and start fresh…this book has everything you need to feel okay about living simply. In a world filled with consuming and buying bigger and better, this book was an absolute breath of fresh air.

The Bachelorette: I actually live for Bachelor Mondays. Between the drama, the romance, and the over-the-top dates it’s everything I need to get my week off to the right start! JoJo’s season started last week and I am so ready!

Temple Coffee on K St.: Since moving closer to the city it’s been a little bit easier to make my way to some cute coffee shops! The new Temple on K street is just about the cutest and most delicious coffeeshop in Sac! The entire place is covered in pennies laid by the employees and their coffee tastes smooth, just the way I like it. This has become my new go-to for meetings with clients and friends!

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