Reading, Loving, Watching, Planning | vol. 2


Reading: For the Love. I’ve actually been reading this book since January because a friend gifted it to me for Christmas! I’ve been picking it up and reading a few chapters here and there over the last couple of months, and now I’m almost done with the book. It’s written by a mother whose a public speaker and has a really fun perspective on life. She’s unapologetically honest in her writing and there have been several “laugh out loud” moments in the book.

Loving: My five year journal. This will more than likely make it into my Monthly Favorites post, but I wanted to talk about it now as well! I started using it a little over a week ago and it’s something that I’ve absolutely loved. The concept of the journal is that you carve out time each day to reflect on your day and then you write one or two sentences to sum up your thoughts. Each page of the journal has 5 sections that represent the 5 years you’ll be filling out the journal.

WatchingCasey Neistat. Casey is literally the coolest and most inspiring person to watch on the internets. He’s a filmmaker and YouTuber from NYC that makes daily vlogs. I am completely inspired by his work ethic and creativity. He has really unique thoughts about work, life, and following your dreams. And his daughter Franny is the absolute cutest.

Planning: I would really love to plan a trip to San Francisco in the coming weeks. For whatever reason (it’s probably inspired by Casey’s NYC vlogs), I’ve wanted to escape to the city for a day. I’ve been wanting to get some cool shots of the city to put up in our home, and just spend some time exploring nooks and crannies of the city!

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