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Yesterday my parents moved out of our family home of 12 years and I wanted to write down a few thoughts about our time here while it’s fresh. It’s funny how a home can mean so much and hold so many memories… I know it’s not the walls of the home, it’s the people who really create the memories. But, the times we shared here were special, it was a part of my older childhood and I’m grateful for it.

This is the home where all of my buddies used to come over after school and do our homework together before volleyball, basketball, and baseball games. Those high school boys used to raid my poor mom’s pantry, but she always kept it well-stocked for them. We had movie nights, met here for Homecomings, had sleepovers with friends, and opened our home to all of my high school friends over the years.

For whatever reason my family is big on scaring each other. It probably stems from my wild father, but my brother and I get the biggest laughs when we scare our dad. We definitely had our fair-share of jumping out at each other around hallway corners and our laundry room in this home. It makes me laugh just thinking about how jumpy my dad can be.

This is the home where Jeff and I first started dating, in fact..he asked me to be his girlfriend on that very driveway up there, before my 4pm shift at Steve’s Pizza ;). It was here where I shocked my dad by announcing I’d be getting married at the ripe age of 22…sorry about that dad! And it’s where we had one of my bridal showers before the big day. We’ve shared holidays with extended family here, game nights with friends…and so many special times over the years.Nicole-Dianne-Photography-carmichael-real-estate-054-

But here we are, 12 years later and the timing is right. My parents needed to move on from this family home and start a new chapter in their lives. My brother and I are grown up, living in homes of our own and it was time. It’s really not the four walls and roof that make a house a home, I know this. But, I really will miss our time on Dotty Street, it was a good home for our family and one that I will always love.

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  • Laura KaighenSo many fond memories at that home with your sweet family! I treasure those times and the way you and your family loved on me and so many others over the years.ReplyCancel


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