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I am so overwhelmed with the positive feedback from my new name and website! I want to genuinely thank each and every person who at some point, shared my new facebook page and gave it a like, to all those who read my last post, for all of the kind, heartfelt feedback on pictures, status updates, everything really…I can’t express how much it means to me. My dreams are on their way to coming true and I have all my supporters to thank for that!


Since I have an influx of new readers and followers, I thought it only appropriate that I take a minute to introduce myself and some of my quirks :)

+ I absolutely LOVE to decorate my home. I’m always planning the next furniture “re-arrangement,” or wall decor. These shelves are the product of this last weekend’s visit to Lowes and Pietro Talini’s nursery in midtown. I am so thankful for my handy, detail oriented husband who built these pretties. They stood the rolling candle test, perfectly level and not an inch off…he’s a perfectionist when it comes to building things and I adore that about him.

+ I can’t stand thinking of the first sentence for my blog posts. It gives me anxiety most days that I write. So, if my initial paragraph blows, just skip down a few…I promise it will get better ;)

+ Sometimes I overuse commas.

+ I am slightly OCD about my instagram feed. I do this thing where I click on my profile just so I can see what my whole feed looks like, and if it doesn’t have a consistency about it…I may go through and delete images just so it will. Yikes, that’s embarrassing, but so true. Don’t judge me!

Take for example these two collections from the last couple of weeks.  The images on the left all flow together seemingly :) The images on the right are relatively similar, but it kinda bugs me that my black bookshelf is in two images, so close together.

SEE? I’m a total weirdo.

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+ I’m SUPER addicted to chap stick & lotion. There’s nothing anyone can say or do to curb these addictions.

+ I love to burn candles every night. I feel like it turns a normal night into a relaxing oasis :)

+ I’m obsessed with my dog, Turbo. He is quite literally, the funniest animal I have ever come across. I post a lot of pictures of him on my insta if you didn’t realize from that above collage.

+ My husband and I went to Mexico on our honeymoon and had the chance to snorkel, this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of us :)

To read a little more about me you can visit my “info link” in the menu up top!

Please tell me I’m not alone with these weird quirks, anyone out there relate? :)

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