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I haven’t always been the most regimented person, in fact I used to pride myself in that. However, since starting my new Job in January it has been absolutely essential for me to keep a routine so that I can maintain order and balance in both my personal and work life! Nothing I do is out of the ordinary, but I love to know what other people’s routines are so I thought maybe you’d like a peek into my week as well!

I’m partnering with Jord Watches today to talk about the different routines I have through out the week that keep me on track and feeling balanced.


I’m not a morning person at all so in order to lessen the morning load I tend to prep most things the night before. After I’ve sufficiently relaxed on the couch for a few hours, more than likely catching up on YouTube or Fixer Upper ;), I start my evening routine. At about 10:30 almost every week night I prep the coffee pot, put my lunch together, and channel my inner Mom by laying out my outfit for the morning ahead. The less decisions I have to make in the morning, the better! Having everything ready for me in the morning sets me up for success and keeps me on time for work. Instead of checking the time on my phone (which always runs the risk of distracting me from getting ready ;)) I love having my new JORD watch to keep me on track with the morning!


In order for me to feel prepped and ready for the week I always do a little bit of tidying on the weekends. I really don’t want to think about doing any chores on the days that I work, so making sure I get all of the cleaning/tidying done on my days off makes me feel ready to tackle the week.

Lord knows if I don’t have food bought and prepped for the week there’s no chance I’m bringing healthy lunches to work! So to make sure I don’t get too crazy during the week, I do all of my grocery shopping and lunch meal prep on Sundays.

I know these are incredibly basic routines and it’s probably nothing ground-breaking, but having these simple routines in place has really helped me stay motivated through out the week.

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