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The Olympics: Ohh this makes me sad to even type because I don’t want to believe they’re over for another four years. I was really invested this year… as in: makes no plans between the hours of 8pm – midnight, every night for two straight weeks, invested. I love the Olympics.

Not Another Happy Ending: This movie streams on Netflix and though it’s not my all-time favorite movie, it’s a super cute watch if you’re in the mood for a light-hearted film!

My Birkenstocks: I have wanted birks since I was in elementary school. It’s true. Jeff bought me some for my birthday this year and as of August they finally wore down to the mold of my feet and it feels like slipping my foot into a bag of marshmallows every time I put them on. Okay not really, but it’s pretty close. The wear-in time is not something I was aware of until reading this post, but since these shoes will last me until I’m 40, I’m okay with it.

My Book light: This might make me sound like an 80 year old, but I bought a book light and it’s everything to me. You see, I have to read every night before I fall asleep. There is something cathartic to me about winding down in the pages of someone else’s story, so I can clear my brain before falling asleep. The problem: Jeff started working new hours at his job, see: 5am-3:30pm. Since he wakes up at 3:45am every morning we now have different bedtimes, but girlfriend still has to read before bed. So, I had been reading by way of my iPhone flashlight. Not awesome. The awkward dance of holding an iPhone and book at the same time while trying to avoid hand cramp was wearing on me. I love my book light, more than anything (how dramatic)…but truly, such a worthwhile investment.

These free printables from Emily Ley: I use the Monthly calendar and the Blog Planner every month to keep on track with my blogging! Not only are these printables super cute, but they are FREE! I really love how minimal they look and I also love that they match my Simplified Planner.

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