Monthly Favorites | April


This podcast. Being financially conscious is something that sounds wildly boring to talk about in a blog post, but in a world completely consumed with buying, spending, and accumulating more… Budgets and Cents podcast has been a true breath of fresh air. These ladies chat about the importance of saving, being financially conscious, and making informed, thought out purchases rather than just spending for the sake of spending!

Having a designated tidying day. Okay, here’s where I’ll probably lose half of you. But, working from home means that I get easily distracted by the smallest of things. But the one thing that is always a huge distraction is when our home needs to be cleaned. I just can’t function in a cluttered, dirty space. In the month of April I unintentionally designated one day per weekend to tidy up our home. It proved to keep me much more on-task during the week when I did this so it’s looking like a trend that will soon become routine!

Coloring books. (This one in particular) Do I even need to explain this one? :)

Inspire Midtown. One of my good friend from college started Inspire Midtown last year, which is a monthly meet-up for women. From their site, “With humble resources and lots of sweat equity, we focus on providing a real community that meets one time a month. Whether it be a casual gathering at a home or local venue, or a ticketed professional development workshop, we focus on topics that range from overcoming imposter syndrome, wage negotiation, and setting yourself apart in the interview, just to name a few.” I went to my first meet-up in the month of April and it was a truly inspiring evening where we listened to the women behind My Swirl present the latest in their technology venture.

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