Life lessons & a pot of gold


Life has a funny way of getting in the way of my plans from time to time. I like to be extremely organized and on top of life. Call it what you will, prepared.. hard-worker.. control freak. I enjoy a properly color coded calendar, systematically organized folders, and a labeled pantry. The latter is something my husband is learning to love about me.. I digress. When plans don’t go as expected, I have to step back, sometimes for a few hours or sometimes a few days and analyze the situation so I can adjust accordingly, remembering to lean when the bike turns.

Take for example, less than one week after committing to blog three times weekly, our home router took a leap of faith, jumping right off a cliff to it’s very untimely death leaving me with out a wifi connection and stripped of my sanity. That’s a stretch of an analogy that should read: our wireless router stopped working which means our our wifi connection is nonexistent and I am unable to work comfortably from home for the time being. The odds of this happening to me? Indeed very likely. But perhaps life wasn’t trying to ruin my work week, but rather teach me a lesson in patience and positivity.

I don’t live in a fairytale world of rainbows and unicorns where everything is a life lesson and there’s a pot of gold waiting for me to find at the end of said rainbow… although I wouldn’t hate finding a pot of gold near a rainbow and riding away on a unicorn. I do however live in a world where seeing life positively increases your well-being and enhances your life. I had a conversation with my Grandma last week about seeing life positively and the benefits of doing so. Her doctor confirmed she would be living into her mid nineties namely because she is in good spirits with respect to her positive view on life and a healthy dose of treating herself well. This conversation really stuck with me through out the week as I’ve been battling this silly router debacle. The minute life becomes somewhat inconvenient, we complain and let frustration take over, forcing us into a vicious place of negativity. The reality is that our four month old router is broken, we’re most likely out $85 and the price of purchasing a new one, I’m limited to using my slow laptop directly plugged into our cable modem for the time being, and it totally stinks. But you know what? It’s not the end of the world and it’s far more important that I see positivity in this and learn from this week rather than dwell on how inconvenient and unfair it all is.

We hate to be inconvenienced, oh boy do we hate it. But perhaps there are lessons learned when we’re forced to reroute our plans and move forward a bit off course. I challenge myself and you to tackle the negativity head-on, look past the small inconvenience that happened and force yourself into a place of positivity.

Sometimes faulty routers are just faulty routers and a headache. Other times and more worthy of note, a faulty router is a lesson in patience and a chance to look inside yourself so you can be reminded that patience is a virtue and broken technology is not the end of the world.

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