First Trimester Recap!

I’m officially 21 weeks pregnant so there’s no better time than now to start blogging about this pregnancy, right? I thought I’d start this out with a first trimester recap!

In all honesty, this pregnancy has been such a breeze. I hate to say that and rub it into anyone’s face who hasn’t experienced this same kind of pregnancy, but I have been uber blessed above and beyond to have such a smooth pregnancy thus far. It hasn’t come with out emotional bumps and bruises but that’s another post for another time. Overall, myself and baby have been super healthy and right on track!

The first trimester I had a little bit of nausea and food aversions, but it was so minimal compared to some. I spent most of the first trimester just trying to convince myself that I was pregnant. Though I’ve heard that I’ll probably do that for the entire pregnancy! Now that I’m in the second trimester and I’ve seen my little guy several times through ultrasounds, things feel very real. But this is a first trimester recap, so we’ll save that for the next post ;)

First trimester highlights

  • announcing the pregnancy to our families on Christmas
  • no real morning sickness!
  • seeing our baby on an ultrasound for the first time


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