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I have been waiting for this day since we moved into our home a year and a half ago, it’s finally bathroom renovation time!! Of course, the excitement of this news overshadowed the hard part; decision-making and finalizing the details. But it’s safe to say the last few weeks have been spent pouring through Apartment Therapy, Pinterest, and soaking in as much advice from my favorite interior bloggers as possible.

the plan

For starters, our bathroom is teensy tiny. Like, Jeff and I can’t really be in there at the same time, kind of tiny.  So our biggest goal is to maximize the little space that we do have. In doing so, we plan to buy a toilet that has a slender 14″ tank, rather than a standard 16″ sized tank. Our toilet is directly next to our vanity so this will allow us to go a little bit wider with our vanity top. We’ll also be maximizing our storage with the likes of a proper vanity with drawers rather than a sleek pedestal sink and a medicine cabinet rather than a standard mirror.

the design

I have always loved the look of traditional bathrooms with their hex tile floors and white subway tile on the walls with a lighter grout so these were items that I was certain of from the get go. So from there it’s really just deciding what kind of fixtures I liked and how to mix and match them. This has been the  labor of love for me as I STILL can’t make up my mind. For today, I’m loving the idea of mixing metals. I’m just not sure how to do it the right way and stay within our budget. I would love to have a bathroom full of gold fixtures, but is that too trendy? Would I get sick of it? Also, I can’t seem to find a decent gold sink faucet within my price range so that’s added a challenging piece to the puzzle. This is why I’ve opted for a matte black sink faucet in the inspiration collage. I’m leaning toward that but still unsure.

So can a girl mix metals?  What are your thoughts? I don’t know, I like to think so. But leave me your opinions because I’m a little unsure! I am considering a couple of things for the design and look of the vanity; the first is a vintage, thrifted, wood side table that Jeff would transform into a vanity with a marbled top and the second option would just be a standard, minimal looking vanity. I love the idea of the first one but I just don’t know how long we’ll have to wait to find the perfect piece so we may have to throw this idea out.

the inspiration

The first four images below are essentially the exact replica of what I want our bathroom to look like. And if it were within my budget I would probably just buy every single piece in each of these rooms. Alas, a $400 sink faucet isn’t really making the cut and our budget is much tighter than the creator of these gorgeous rooms so we are getting creative with these inspiration photos in mind.

We can’t wait to get started! We have a goal to begin and end before the Holidays, so that means we need to finalize our decisions soon. Help help help!! I’ll be sure to share the progress as we go so check back soon.


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