The Autumn Refresh: Pairing down clutter

 autumn refresh

It’s that time of year where the dust is settling and we’re gearing up to get cozy and settled for the cold season! Blankets once tucked away in the top of the linen closet are being pulled down, flip-flops are being swapped for booties, and the only meal ideas I seem to have involve soup and roasted veggies. All fair indications of the season’s change that I love so dearly. Going into the Holiday season with a clean slate feels like the kind of order dreams are made of which is why the beginning of October is the perfect time for an Autumn refresh!

There are a few places in our home that tend to pile up over time, and it never fails that a change in the seasons gives me the extra push to tackle the mess. I didn’t approach our Autumn refresh with the entire house in mind, just a few dark, dungeon-esque spots that had seen their fair share of Summer neglect.

First on my refresh list was the kitchen pantry. I say pantry, but it’s just an oversized cupboard that I’ve stuffed full of food items and called our pantry. I removed any old, outdated food boxes/cans/spreads and successfully filled an entire donation bag full. Does anyone really need 5 cans of black beans? I don’t think so. So, into the bag they went.

Next on my list were books. I’m a bit of a book worm, so I had been avoiding this section, knowing it would take me quite a while. But I grew a little tired of seeing books I never finished and didn’t have any interest in taking up prime real estate on our bookcase! So, I got to work using the KonMari method. Three (3!!!) garbage bags later and there is finally room to bring in new treasured reads.

After purging books and old food, I moved onto wardrobe items, specifically my purses. I got rid of the ones I no longer used and the ones that I forgot I still owned (no need to keep around things you didn’t know you had). And I also cleaned out the inside of all purses that I currently use. I’m queen of changing bags, grabbing the essentials, and leaving the this clear out was much needed.

The final corner that I tackled was my nightstand drawer. I can’t ever seem to keep a tidy bedside tabletop. I always have books stacked, chapstick, lotion, a book light, and so many other bits and bobs. So I wanted to change this because I often feel stressed out when I see clutter and having this very clutter next to the place where I sleep wasn’t helping me wind down at night. So, I cleared out the entire drawer, purged the junk, gave it a good scrub and placed my bedside essentials inside the drawer! This might sound strange, but having a tidy nightstand has really calmed me before falling asleep each night. I know that I’m surrounded by order and there’s nothing to distract me right before bed. Contrary to what this post picture suggests, I didn’t keep the pumpkin on my bedside table ;).

Okay! There it is. My Autumn Refresh, pairing down the clutter. If you want to tidy up your home before the Holidays I suggest pairing down these areas to start and letting the ripple take effect. The more you organize by category, the more categories you’ll think of that need tidying. My next items are dvd’s and towels! I hope you found this post helpful if you’re looking for a nudge to start pairing down your clutter!

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