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The beginning of a New Year is one of my favorite times of the year. I’m sure it has something to do with the idea that a New Year brings with it some sort of a “fresh start,” and though I tried living to my fullest potential in the year prior, I’m so about that opportunity to hit “reset.”  Be it a made up concept for those of us who think last year’s dirt & grime was wiped away once the clock struck midnight, or be it a real life reset button given from God, I think we can all agree that the beginning of a New Year feels fresh, and it feels good.

We all shake our heads at the idea of New Year’s resolutions, and there’s probably a statistic somewhere that proves 90% of resolutions aren’t ever kept. But if I’m being honest, I love setting goals and making lists! My business continues to grow because I’ve set goals for myself, and what better time to do so than the month of January?

In 2014 I chose to live by the word intentional. I wanted to be extremely intentional in both my personal and business life, and what an incredible reminder that word was all year long. Anytime I felt a slump in my business or personal life, I was reminded that unless I was intentional with my time then nothing would change. I went full-time with my photography business in May of 2014 and at that point I knew I had to get serious about two things, one I needed to grow my online presence (because, hello…free marketing), and two I needed to take care of my health. So I revisited my word for the year, intentional and thought about what that looked like for me. After sifting through thoughts and then praying through my questions, I started blogging and going to the gym, several times weekly.

Blogging and the gym, I know it sounds extremely trivial but these two things really helped my overall productivity this year in that I started incorporating things that I enjoy into my work week … things that are just for me. Yes, blogging is business-driven, but it’s a portion of my business that I truly enjoy so I’ve found that I look forward to the days where I’m able to sit down and write. Blogging is the fun part of what I do for work, so why not do more of what you love? And the gym.. I’m not a weight-lifter, nor have I seen a huge transformation yet, but it’s become a place where I’m able to release all of my negative energy and forget about work for a solid hour, roughly 3 times per week and I’ve truly come to love it.

Multiples of five are good, tell me I’m not alone in thinking this? I just have a good feeling that 2015 is going to be a great year. And because multiples of five are good.. I give you my five goals for 2015:

01. Continue doing more of what you love. Explore new areas of creativity: painting, YouTube, more blogging, reading, decorating

02. Remain focused and driven. Set monthly goals and cross the items off once you’ve achieved them.

03. Be gracious to yourself. You will fail at times this year, but it’s okay because things work out if you keep working hard.

04. Invest in your marriage. There’s big decisions to be made this year, pray together, be together, love each other fiercely.

05. Live purposefully & simply. “make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand.” Your words for the year! Simply your personal life and work life. It’s easy to get caught up in needing and wanting things, but living simply in the now, means living bigger in the years to come. With purposeful spending and living comes smarter decisions and a better quality of life. I’m ready to move forward in life, toward something greater and in order to do so I must live a more purposeful and simplified life. Cook more meals at home, buy less for yourself and save save save!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions or give yourself a word to live by in the New Year? Whatever you do, I hope your 2015 is filled with love, blessings & more happiness than you knew existed ;)


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