There’s nothing I love more than adding new home decor to Wally Cottage. And one of my favorite places to go for affordable home decor is of course, IKEA. I love IKEA for their budget-friendly, unique yet minimal decor. I love that I’m able to find new, fun bits and bobs every time I make the trip out there. For this particular trip, I was on the hunt for a plant stand, a large-scale plant, a circular mirror, and whatever else fell into my cart really. ;) I’m pleased to report that I found two of the three items on that list, and for way cheaper than I had thought!



Another week in the books, guys. Women’s beach volleyball is over and women’s gymnastics is over and now there’s an Olympic shaped hole in my heart…but we move on. This weekend I’ll be assisting my sweet friend at a wedding, celebrating my other sweet friend’s birthday and doing our weekly grocery trip. So that my friends is what you call an exceptionally normal weekend with exceptionally normal humans. I wish you an exceptionally normal and perhaps exciting weekend as well. Links for you to enjoy, below.



A couple of years ago, when my YouTube obsession was just getting started, I remember hearing Shay Carl say that he reads books because “Successful people read books,” and he wanted to be successful. That may or may not have been his exact quote, but the lesson remains the same. To be successful, you must first learn from others. Well, it’s really no secret around here that I love to read which makes it a bit easier for me to take Shay’s advice. I make it a priority to sit down and read every single day, whether it’s 10 minutes or an entire hour (if I’m lucky), it’s something that I believe in. Over the last couple of years I’ve come across three incredible books that I think every creative entrepreneur needs to read.


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Growing up I remember both of my grandmothers decorating their homes with beautiful Persian and Oriental rugs, all of which are still there today. Because of this, these types of rugs feel both nostalgic and classic to me. I love the juxtaposition of a vintage rug paired with modern finishings in a home. I feel like it really screams, “I have my life together with this sophisticated yet relevant taste in home furnishings.” The only drawback is these vintage rugs sometimes come with a high price tag. So, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite, online vintage rug shops that I’m hoping to make a purchase from in the coming months!

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This week was a good one. There was productivity, there will be a day off, and there continues to be the Olympics, so everything feels right in the world. Sending you into the weekend with some things around the internets that have been of interest to me this week…and if this is something that you enjoy, then you’re in luck. You can come back every Friday when I’ll be posting a new list of exciting things for you.