A New Beginning & Big Announcement!

I am so happy to announce my new name today! It feels a little like we’re on a blind date and I’m about to tell you exactly why I want you to like me, and understand everything about me…but here goes nothing!

Welcome to my newly vamped up space at Nicole Dianne! Whew. It feels SO good to type that and know that it’s for real. This post has been a long time coming [4 months to be exact] and I’m so excited to finally be moving forward and sharing all of the things that have been going on behind the scenes lately.

I’ve been pretty quiet on the photography front over the last few months, as far as shooting goes. But that’s not to say I haven’t been doing my homework behind the computer screen because believe me, I totally have. When I first started taking pictures for friends and family in 2010, I didn’t have THE slightest clue how to run a business. I didn’t know the first thing about marketing, web design, photography workshops like WPPI//MUSEA, where to print pictures, how to price myself or filing taxes [still figuring this bad boy out], but I knew that I loved to take pictures. I knew I wanted to freeze moments in time [for lack of a better phrase] for people. I am so inspired by art, a couple in love, a family in their element, nature, a bride as she brushes on the final touches of her makeup, the beautiful sunset sky and glowing sun light at the golden hour. But there’s more to a photography business than just dreaming up beautiful sessions and taking pretty pictures.

I’ve worked day in and day out to create a better business plan so I can create a better more fulfilling experience for my clients. I’ve learned the importance of running a profitable business working toward becoming a full-time photographer in order to declare myself a successful self-employed, business owner. But more importantly, I’ve discovered my desire to create a unique, lasting and better overall experience for each one of my clients.

I not only come to you with a better plan of business, but a better grasp on who I am and what I have to offer you! That’s where the name change comes in full force. I was advised a few years ago to separate business and identity, and while I understand how that might work for some, I’ve discovered that it doesn’t work for me. I give my all in this business, and I pour so much of my heart into it that it’s only fitting that my name be attached to it. I plan to post frequent blogs that can help you better prepare for sessions with me, and personal things going on in my life. I want to share more of me with you so that we can be friends and create a comfortable environment while taking pictures!

Part of this better experience will stem directly from communication and time spent with me. This is a total shameless plug where I convince you that I’m a really cool girl to hang out with ;) and that I’m the photographer for you! But seriously, I want to create something memorable and fun for you so that when looking back on these pictures, you can’t help but smile. I want to be your go-to girl when you have questions, ideas, collaboration projects…and anything else awesome you can think of!  Taking pictures is fun, it’s SO much fun and I want my clients to experience that fun every time they come to a session with me. We’ll go on adventures to find just the right spot, we’ll drive down to the beach so we can look for sea shells, we’ll drive up to the mountains for picturesque tall trees, we’ll play in flower fields…you name it and we’ll find it. To my future clients: I promise to  give my all in our session, I promise to create authentic, beautiful images for you, I hope to create a lasting friendship with you, I aspire to be your photographer for future sessions as well, I want to tailor a session just for you, I want to take you to Starbucks and hear all of your ideas and dreams. I want to make those dreams come to life.

Hop on over to my new facebook page to keep up to date on the latest with Nicole Dianne & follow me on instagram to see my day to day in pictures! There’s even a special going on exclusively on my new facebook page so be sure to like my page and check it out!!

So there it is, I’m starting this new yet very familiar journey with fresh eyes and an open heart. I’m promising things that I desire so deep in my heart and I hope and pray you see that too :) Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me throughout this journey thus far. To everyone who has been excited about this name change and new start, I thank you so very much. It means more to me than I can say. I can hardly wait to see where God takes this beautiful business.

Welcome to Nicole Dianne :)

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  • Rachel AllenSO glad you’re back. Your work is absolutely stunning!!! I am going to go find you on Instagram!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica SlingerlandSuper exciting! Can’t wait to see what you do with your new business & name! :)ReplyCancel

  • Laura Hagood PhotographyHow awesome! I’m trying to re-brand myself too. Already changed the name. LOL! :) I can’t wait to see the future changes you will make! <3ReplyCancel

  • Tori Hafenyou are an amazing photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Jen Brazealeverything looks great! I’m Jen Dianne (with 2 n’s!) yay.ReplyCancel

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  • Nicole Wallaceoh my goodness, I love it! I’ve never met another :) heheReplyCancel

  • Nicole Wallacethank you, so much. That’s so very sweet of you to say :) ReplyCancel


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