June Goals

I’m a big fan of June. Day one started with my birthday and it’s usually the kick-off to Summer which means less in doors and more outdoors…which means less white and more tan ;) The first few days of June this year have actually been a little rough, so I’m determined to set goals and be productive for the remaining days of my favorite month!

In a little less than a month our family will be relaxing near this dock, soaking in the clean Tahoe air. 10 days off from work, cribbage, morning lattes, lakeside reading…nothing sounds better right about now. However, I have quite a few things to get done this month and I figured this picture was the perfect motivation to be done with my laundry list by vacation time. I’m an avid list maker, partially [well, mostly] for the gratification I feel as each task is crossed off. There’s nothing better than reviewing a completed list of tasks at the end of my day!

A lot has already happened in the month of June and I feel myself slowly becoming overloaded with “to-do’s” so my June Goals post is going to be an all-inclusive reference for me this month! I hope to be super productive and make some awesome things happen for Nicole Dianne and accomplish some personal goals as well.

And because music is fun, and I just discovered this new band The Rend Collective Experiment…


> > N I C O L E  D I A N N E < <

+ Blog regularly [at least twice a week]

+ Nail down contracts and collections

+ Find locations for styled sessions

+ Update portfolio

+ Order New Business Cards


> > P E R S O N A L < <

+ Focus on God controlling EVERY situation you’ve been thrown

+ Make time for friends at least once a week

+ Continue with work outs

+ Find maps for gallery wall DIY [ blog post on this coming SOON! :) ]

+ Prayer Journal consistency


All right guys, there’s my goals to complete before vaca time! I’m setting some high standards for myself and hoping to be successful in crossing each item off my list. It’s hard to juggle life, like really hard sometimes, but life is what you make of it. I’m ready to be something bigger, and enjoy the time I’ve been given here. This time in my life is SO exciting, I’m chasing a dream and turning it into a reality. Dude, it’s exciting.

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