Why you should consider doing a First Look on your wedding day!


Let’s chat wedding traditions for a minute. Wedding days are chock-full of tradition and for some brides this is what they love most about their wedding day. You may however, be surprised to find out just where those traditions originated!

One of the traditions that more and more couples are turning away from is the superstition that “seeing each other before the ceremony is bad luck.” I recently read an article on The Bridal Guide where they explained the origin of this superstition.

“During the time when arranged marriages were custom, the betrothed couple wasn’t allowed to see each other before the wedding at all. The wedding symbolized a business deal between two families (romantic, huh?), and a father would have been pleased for his daughter to marry a man from a rich, land-owning family. But he also feared that if the groom met the bride before the wedding and thought she wasn’t attractive, he’d call off the wedding, casting shame onto the bride and her family. Therefore, it became tradition that the bride and groom were only allowed to meet at the wedding ceremony so that the groom did not have the opportunity to change his mind. And that veil the bride wears? Its original purpose was also to keep the groom from finding out what the bride looked like until the last possible minute, when it was too late to back out of the transaction.”

Can you believe that?? I’m fairly certain that your impending vows aren’t any kind of business transaction, so why not consider trading out this tradition with a First Look? :)

I am elated when a couple tells me they want to do a first look! Not only do you get to hang out with your soon-to-be-spouse for most of the day, rather than just the reception, but the moment where you see each other for the first time is so much more intimate when done in private. This moment is a special one and there’s no pressure from a crowd of 200 watching you. It’s just you and your sweetheart….and my zoom lens ;). I have seen couples do all sorts of variations when it comes to a first look and each one is full of deep breaths, tears, and tons of kisses. And instead of spending more than half of your wedding day apart, why not spend as much time with your spouse-to-be as you can? This is the first day of your forever and you should be together for as much of your wedding day as possible! There is also the added bonus for extra picture time before the ceremony which allows you to hang out with your best friends during cocktail hour rather than me!

When you look back on your wedding day I want you to remember time with each other and the ones you love most. I don’t want you to look back and feel like you spent your entire wedding day in front of my camera. This is one of the most special days in your lives as a couple and it should be celebrated accordingly!

When I got married, I never considered the origin of any tradition I included on my wedding day, I just did what I thought I was supposed to do. I wish now, that I had taken the time to think through each element of my wedding and why I was including it in our celebration! It can be a little unnerving to stray from what we know, but your wedding day should be less about rules and more about what makes you happy. It’s okay to do your own thing and celebrate your love the best way you know how! Don’t worry about your guests and what they will think. This is your wedding day, so celebrate in whatever way you want. You do you, love!

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