Why it’s important to print your photos!


I’m going to be candid here with you for just a minute. Up until this year, I hadn’t really printed a photo of myself and my husband since our wedding photos five and a half years ago. Yes you heard that right, a photographer by profession who did not print photos. Well, I did print a large photo last year where we were itsy bitsy and all you could really see was Lake Tahoe, so I’m not counting it. Do you want to know the probably all-too-familiar reason why I didn’t print any photos? I didn’t like the way I looked in them so I sure as heck didn’t want them displayed on the walls for all to see. I felt too ugly, too fat, too embarrassed of the way I looked. But things are different today and I want you to know why. If you found yourself nodding to any of those sentiments, then keep reading!

You deserve to be celebrated, you deserve to feel beautiful, you deserve to love yourself, you deserve to look at yourself in a photo and feel drop-dead-gorgeous. YOU, yes you! I hear you telling me how ugly you feel or how unworthy you are, but those are all lies you’ve told yourself. I know this because I tell them to myself too. We all do. This inner-voice somehow rears it’s ugly head and becomes louder than the voice of confidence and self-love. If we focused more on what our bodies were capable of rather than what they limit us to, perhaps our own narratives would change to that confident voice of self-love!

So how does this relate to printing photos? There were two pictures that Jeff and I took in 2015 that I absolutely loved. I knew that I needed them printed and I needed to see them every day to remind me how good it is to do life with my best friend. Sure, maybe I wish I was thinner and wore more flattering clothes in the photos.. but those things didn’t matter to me because the story behind those pictures made me fall in love with them. The stories behind those photos outweighed the inner-voice of self doubt and all of the things I tell myself about my body. To this day, every single time I see those photos I feel SO happy with my decision to display our memories within the walls of our home. I love how we look together, and that’s what is important to me. 

Pictures document special moments in our lives, they tell stories and help us recall memories. They are meant to be printed, hung on the walls, propped on night stands, displayed throughout our homes for us to enjoy and relive those moments. We must practicing speaking self-love so that we aren’t afraid to print photos of ourselves! I don’t want to hand my future children an iPad full of memories, I want to pass on tangible albums and photos. I can’t wait until our kids see photos on the walls and ask us the stories behind them. It’s because of these stories that we must print our photos!

Here’s the thing: printing photos can get pricey if you print through a professional photographer, but it’s one of those investments that you can rest-assured will increase with value overtime. How, you ask? Because those moments..the ones in print..those are moments you can’t get back. 

If you aren’t quite sure where to start and what to print, then I have you covered with a discount code to one of my absolute favorite printing companies! First, scroll through your personal, visual diary on Instagram and pick out one photo that brings you joy. Second, go to Framebridge because they’re kindly offering 10% off your first print order with code NICOLEDIANNEFYF through the end of this month (March 30th)! 👍🏻 Let me know in the comments below what picture you want to print this week! Print those pictures so you can enjoy them in your home and not just on your devices :)

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