Weekend IKEA Home Haul


There’s nothing I love more than adding new home decor to Wally Cottage. And one of my favorite places to go for affordable home decor is of course, IKEA. I love IKEA for their budget-friendly, unique yet minimal decor. I love that I’m able to find new, fun bits and bobs every time I make the trip out there. For this particular trip, I was on the hunt for a plant stand, a large-scale plant, a circular mirror, and whatever else fell into my cart really. ;) I’m pleased to report that I found two of the three items on that list, and for way cheaper than I had thought!

Bringing your attention to our mantle, I swapped out our West Elm stag for this circular mirror and I am really loving it. I have wanted a mirror like this above our mantle for quite some time now but every mirror I found was so expensive! I don’t know if my lucky stars aligned or if the mirror gods were just on my side, but this $40 mirror was on sale for $19.99 and I couldn’t say no.

The next exciting thing that I found was this detachable wine-glass rack for $5! Our wine glasses took up so much space in our cupboards that I was so excited to get these out of there and hung up! It’s just an added bonus that it looks great too.

sacramento-interior-photographer-photo_0002 sacramento-interior-photographer-photo_0003

Jeff and I had gone to Lowes prior to this IKEA trip and that’s where we found our beautiful rubber plant in the corner. My mission at IKEA was to find a small plant stand to elevate our rubber plant and I was able to do just that! I found this cute plant stand that I think works perfectly.

And that about does it. Those are a few of the things we updated around Wally Cottage over the weekend. These little changes make our living room (& kitchen) feel brand new and I love it!

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