What to watch on Netflix, The Series Guide


Every time I turn on Netflix I feel overwhelmed with the amount of options that I have to watch. Do I watch a documentary? Perhaps a romantic comedy? Or maybe the entire season 7 of FRIENDS? The decision-making process alone feels daunting. This should be a lesson in marketing…never offer your clients too many options because who really wants to make another hard decision? Well, I sort of believe that..because I love to hate the amount of options that Netflix offers. So, to help you decide on your next Netflix series, I’m sharing some of my current favs with you. This isn’t an exhaustive list because that post would be far too long, but let this serve as a starting place on your next series streaming binge.

What to watch on Netflix by Nicole Dianne

Stranger things: Hands down, my favorite series on Netflix to date. This series is; Goonies meets ET meets Stand By Me. I talked about it in more depth here.

Fuller House: There is nothing, I repeat nothing more cheesy than Fuller House. But if you grew up in the 90’s then it’s not a question of whether you should watch this show it’s a question of whether or not you’ll start watching TODAY..RIGHT NOW…do it. The nostalgia is so good.

Orange is the new black: This show is the furthest thing from appropriate. I probably shouldn’t have it on this list, but I’m so fascinated by the storyline that I can’t stop watching! Mom, don’t watch this…you won’t like it.

Making a Murderer: I don’t know a lot about our justice system, but watching this controversial docu-series was really eye-opening on both ends. I hear there is even going to be a season two, sign me up.

Life Story: My dad and brother always shared a mutual love for all TV shows having to do with animals. I however, much preferred Full House and Sabrina the Teenage Witch to their shows featuring sharks, tigers, kangaroos, and whatever nature-centered show they could find on animal planet. But in recent years there is nothing I love more than learning more about animals and how they interact with one another and our planet. This show is beautifully filmed and full of great content for animal lovers.

On Thursday I’ll share my current favorite movies to stream on Netflix, so make sure to come back then!


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