Before & After: Wally Cottage, Master Bedroom


I’m back today with another before & after from Wally Cottage! These are quickly becoming a favorite post of mine. One, because I love seeing the transformation our little home has gone through and two, because I love interior design. Fun fact, through most of high-school it was actually my goal to become an interior designer. I’ve always loved the process of decorating my space whether it be swapping out posters of Mary-Kate & Ashley with the newest poster of Jonathan Taylor Thomas (#JTTfan4lyfe) in my early years, or adding a new throw blanket to our bed in the more recent years. Creating a homey environment has always been something I’ve loved.

As most of you know, Wally Cottage was quite the fixer-upper when we first bought it. There was grimy carpet, popcorn ceilings, holes in the walls, fleas in the carpet (ACK!), and our little home resting somewhere underneath all of that grime. As you’ll see in the “before pictures” below, our home was dark and not awesome when we first saw it. Since then, my goal has been to brighten and whiten the space which has absolutely been achieved. It does feel a bit sterile in here right now, but it also feels clean, and I desperately needed it to feel clean after the flea infestation we were initially handed. I’ve been able to add a few new items to our home little by little, but I really don’t want to rush out and purchase a load of new decorations all at once. I want our home to feel loved and lived in. I want to walk into our home and have stories on the walls, I imagine meaningful art, family pictures, throw blankets from around the world, future art projects from little ones…I want a warm and inviting space! I know that our “lived in,” eclectic home will take time to form, so for now I’ll embrace the “clean” and look forward to the eclectic!

I could have waited to share photos of our home once every room was “complete,” but I think it will be much more fun to share the process of turning our house into a home! We still have a very long way to go, but that’s all part of the fun with home-ownership. I hope you enjoy seeing the progress Wally Cottage has made so far. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for some crazy Before & After photos & a source list for the items in our bedroom!

wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0001 wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0003 wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0009 wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0008 wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0010 wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0004 wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0017

wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0006 wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0007 wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0011 wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0016

Before and After’s!


And the side-by-sides:

before-after-wally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0018 before-afterwally-cottage-apartment-therapy-photo_0019

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Source Links

Bedspread: West Elm (similar)

Bed Throw: Sackcloth & Ashes

Colosseum Print: The Everygirl

Bedside Lights: IKEA

Bedside Tables: New Willow Farm (sourced local)

Dresser & Makeup Table: Consignment Store

Stag Jewelry Holder: Lulu & Georgia

Terrarium: West Elm

Ampersand: Oliver Bonas

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