Before & After: Wally Cottage, Family Room

In case you missed the news, Jeff and I purchased our first home! You can call her Wally Cottage :) We started our search in January of this year and being that we had never done this before, had no clue what was on our wants vs. needs list. But as we continued looking and narrowing our search, we started creating a list that looked something like this:

– Lots of character, no cookie-cutter, tract homes for us!

– At least 3 bedrooms

– Hardwood floors

– Good bones, with a blank canvas. We didn’t want a home that had been swooped up and flipped by an investor. As someone who loves interior decorating, I wanted full control of what my home looked like.

– Safe neighborhood

We had a fairly narrow window of time that we wanted to find our home in, and weren’t quite sure we’d be able to do so. But just as we almost gave up our search, Jesus stepped in and here we are roughly 3 months later as home owners! I won’t go into too much detail about everything that led up to this home, (I’ll share those stories later) but I’ll just say it’s been an extremely wild ride and not much could have prepared us for the months of February, March and April.

Since then, we’ve spent the last month doing a complete, room by room, home-renovation to our little cottage. Not a shelf or wall left unpainted, not a room left untouched… we’ve been working on a complete overhaul to our home. Now by no means are we even close to being finished, in fact most of our decorations are still packed away in boxes. But I thought it would be fun to start sharing some progress pictures since I keep getting requests to do so :).

So here’s our first round of progress pictures. We still need to sand down, paint, and reinstall our mantle, add crown molding that’s currently sitting in our garage, have all of our outlet plates replaced, possibly mount our TV, and find a grey paint color for the walls. You get the idea… it still needs some love.
nicole-dianne-photography-wallycottage-LR_0001 nicole-dianne-photography-wallycottage-LR_0002 nicole-dianne-photography-wallycottage-LR_0003 nicole-dianne-photography-wallycottage-LR_0004

You know I couldn’t include a picture of our living room with out this one relaxing on the couch as he always does.


And for our first Before and After shot of the new house….



The Before picture was taken on the day we put our offer in on the house. Can you believe we walked into that mess and saw potential? It honestly still amazes me. Stay tuned for more progress posts as we turn our cottage into the gem we knew it could be!

What we did:

Scraped off popcorn ceilings,

Tore down wood paneling

Retextured walls and ceiling

Repainted walls and ceiling

Sheet-rocked over old wall heater units

Ripped up carpet, sanded down and refinished the floors

Painted brick fireplace

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