Transitioning My Home for Autumn

autumn home interiors by Nicole Dianne |

Happy first day of Autumn!! I have been waiting for this day since ohhhh June 21st ;) I much prefer Autumn’s crisp morning air and cool evening breeze to Summer’s scorching hot everything. The Holidays are just around the corner and while they are nothing short of crazy, they are also my absolute favorite time of year. The anticipation of it all: Harry Potter nights curled up in blankets with hot cocoa, cozy game nights with friends, maple pumpkin souffle candles lit at all hours of the day (it’s from Target and smells DELISH), fires in our fireplace, visits to Apple Hill, flannel sheets, cute booties…I could go on because I. love. it. all.

Coupled with the changing weather this time of year, transitioning my home for Autumn is also one of my favorite things about the season, and has been from a very young age. I have such vivid memories of helping my mom decorate our home for the changing seasons each year. I remember unpacking all of our Autumn boxes from storage; filled with straw scarecrows, porcelain pumpkins and spooky trinkets. I loved taking down our everyday decor and carefully curating Autumn vignettes all over our home.

It’s no surprise that deciding how to decorate our current home throughout the changing seasons has proved to be just as fun as when I helped my mom years ago. This will be our second Autumn in Wally Cottage and I’m excited to bring back our minimal Fall decor mixed with some of my childhood staples. What this means is that I want a nice balance of making sure our home still feels true to us this time of year, sprinkled in with some reminders of, “HEY It’s Autumn!” I think the perfect way to do this is by bringing the outdoors in. Twigs, pumpkins, straw, things that you might find out in nature and styling them within our home. Though I want our decor to look minimal, that doesn’t mean I’ll be ditching some of my favorite, cheesy trinkets. Those come with the territory, right? ;) I’ll also be bringing out some of our seasonal pillows and switching out some covers to update the couch. One of my favorite transitions this time of year is burning yummy, Fall candles! I couldn’t wait to swap out my fresh, Summer eucalyptus candles for warmer scents like pumpkin pecan waffle and the Autumn scent from bath and body. Finally, I’ll be piling up all of our blankets in baskets near the couch so guests have easy access to curling up!

How will you be transitioning your home for Autumn this year? Do you get just as excited for all of these things as I do? I can’t help but fall into the stereotype because it’s just so fun! :)

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