THREE THINGS | Engagement Photos Edition


Should we even do an Engagement Session? I get asked this question from almost every one of my couples. And my answer is always a resounding YES! I think most couples see the engagement session as another item on the to-do list and would rather not have to think about it, but in reality the engagement session is such a valuable time for both you and your wedding photographer prior to your wedding day. Below I have outlined three reasons why I think every couple should consider doing an engagement session.

1. This is the perfect time for you and your fiance to get comfortable in front of the camera. In order to achieve those natural looking images on your wedding day, you must be able to act natural in front of the camera! The engagement session is a great time for getting out those initial jitters of being photographed in a romantic, intimate setting. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes before a couple is able to loosen up, relax, and disconnect from the wedding day chaos, but I’ve often found that couples who opt for an engagement session have an easier time adjusting quickly.

2. Not only is this a great time for you to get comfortable, but it’s also beneficial for your wedding photographer to see how you interact in front of the camera, together. Every couple interacts differently in front of the camera, so as a photographer it’s so important that I’m able to get familiar with how you engage with one another, and with me while being photographed. This is when I’ll typically try out different posing to see what works and what doesn’t work. That way we can waste less time on your wedding day with uncomfortable, trial and error posing and instead get right to what we know works best for you!

3. Use your engagement session as a trial run for your wedding day makeup. Most makeup artists encourage doing a trial run with your wedding day makeup, and what better day to use it than when you’re being photographed? By doing so you can see how your makeup will look in images, so you know whether or not to jazz up the blush a bit more for your wedding day! In addition to your makeup, be sure to visit your hair stylist and have a fresh highlight/color before your engagement session, if you plan to do so prior to your wedding. This will give you a nice idea of how your hair color will look in photographs as well.

So as you can see, engagement sessions are such a valuable time for both you and your photographer. Don’t think of it as another thing you can knock of your long to-do list, but rather use it as a time to prepare for your wedding day. Save yourself from more wedding day jitters by getting comfortable in front of the camera prior to your wedding day! Oh, and you’ll get some pretty fun, updated images to put on your walls, or put into a guestbook for your wedding day… so that’s pretty awesome too! ;)

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