The 3 lenses I take to every engagement session

Without going too tech on you, it wasn’t until I popped off that 18-55mm kit lens that came with my canon rebel years ago that I realized the power of a good lens. I get asked fairly often what’s in my camera bag and what I would recommend to someone looking to build their lens collection. So I thought I would share the three lenses that I pack into my camera bag each time I leave the house for an engagement session and why. I have also included examples of images taken with each lens below their respective description.


I am a Prime girl, and what that means is that I use only lenses with a fixed focal length. In other words, none of my lenses zoom in or out. If I want my subject to appear closer in frame then I have to move my little legs to make that happen. This works for me because I feel much more engaged with my couple (ha! see what I did there), if I’m moving around with them rather than staying put. I also enjoy the low apertures that come with Prime lenses.

Canon 50mm 1.2: The first lens I ever purchased was the 50 1.4 so this lens feels like home base to me. In fact, I shot my very first wedding exclusively with a 50mm. I don’t actually suggest doing this, but it really speaks volumes to the diversity of this lens. I love to start sessions using my 50 because I can interact closely with my couple while they are still getting used to being in front of the camera. I also love how the subjects always pop with this lens.



Sigma 35 mm 1.4: This might be my all-time favorite lens for the diversity alone. I know I said that about the 50 as well, but the Sigma 35 is my go-to for so many fun shots on an engagement session and so many important parts of a wedding day. Because of it’s wider angle I like to use this lens to capture the story of the day. The colors of this lens are incredible and the focusing locks fast on the subjects.


Canon 85 mm 1.2: This is the newest addition to my line-up! I’ve had this lens since the beginning of my wedding season last year and it’s one I have grown to love. This is an extremely heavy and touchy lens but when it locks focus, not much can beat the buttery bokeh it produces! I take this lens out once my couple has started feeling more comfortable interacting naturally in front of the camera. It allows me to create distance between myself and the couple so they have freedom to get snuggly with each other. :)

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