Winter Wonderland


“We should pull off at the next vista point” – says Jeff every time we’ve driven to and from Tahoe, for as long as I can remember. But we’re always anxious to get ourselves up to the cabin or tired from a week in the mountains, eager to get home. Growing up in Northern California I’ve been to the mountains at least once if not twice per year, every year. So It seemed I had become somewhat numb to the real beauty of our backyard up the freeway, never giving much thought to a tourist vista stop.

Rewind several weeks back. We were driving home from a winter wedding up in Tahoe amidst the first blizzard of the season. Torn between heeding warnings from our parents about icy roads and car spin-offs (because of the snow), we wrestled with the idea of pulling off of the freeway to fully enjoy the falling snow flurries or continuing on the road to arrive home safely.

Being the suburb dwellers we are, and having never experienced snow-fall… we knew our opportunity was now or never. “Let’s just do it, right there, pull off right there!” I said.  So Jeff quickly pulled off the freeway at the very next exit and we started driving down this secluded road that ran parallel to the freeway. We weren’t too sure where we were headed, but we kept driving to see what we might find.


As we rounded the corner of this secluded road what we found completely shocked us! We looked to our left and saw what can only be described as a winter wonderland. With out giving it two thoughts, we pulled to the side of the road and jumped out of our car. We set up a tripod and had a little fun in the snow flurries ❄️. We were freezing, my tripod was in the middle of the road, the wet snow was melting all over my camera, very few cars drove by and slowed as they watched us, but we were having too much fun to care about any of it. It honestly felt like we were little kids!


Tahoe-snow-storm-photo_0004 Tahoe-snow-storm-photo_0005 Tahoe-snow-storm-photo_0007 Tahoe-snow-storm-photo_0008

In all honesty, I’m not a very spontaneous person and I let fear get in the way of opportunities more often than I like to admit. I was extremely nervous driving down the mountain in the season’s first snow storm, I felt a bit hesitant to set up my camera in the middle of the road while it was pelted by snow-fall, and I was even more concerned with my appearance and whether or not I looked like a giant whale in my snow jacket. But you know what? In our almost 9 years together, these are my absolute favorite pictures of us ever. Had I listened to my inner-voice and let fear take over I wouldn’t have these incredible photos to look back on. I’m so grateful to have this guy by my side, and for the way we have fun together. This spontaneous day is one I’ll never forget and perhaps we’ll make more time for vista stops in the future!

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