Stitch Folks

We live in such a rad time where the internet has created this eco-system of creativity. With just a few clicks on Instagram or Pinterest, there is a world of hand-made products, done by creatives at your fingertips.

Carrie of Stitch Folks, is exactly this. She started her business just three years ago in her tiny upstairs apartment, as she calls it. She commissions anything from small portrait pieces to larger scale marketing pieces and we discovered each other through Instagram.

When I clicked over to her feed I was immediately drawn to her modern approach on nostalgic, hand-stitched embroidery and I knew I had to find a way to collaborate with her! Each one of her pieces looked so intricate and were unlike anything I had ever seen.

When Carrie agreed to collaborate I was beyond thrilled because I wanted all of YOU to see her amazing work. This piece she sent to me is irreplaceable, and one of a kind. It’s a portrait of me and my husband that we will have forever and knowing it was carefully hand-stitched by Carrie makes it even more special. Her attention to detail is absolutely spot-on, down to my husbands squint-lines when he smiles. It blew me away when I received our embroidery!

How I style my Stitch Folks embroidery

I love styling this piece in two ways; either rested up against the wall on our mantle or hung above my nightstand. It’s such a unique piece that it’s great grouped in with other items or as stand alone wall art. I also like pairing it near our round mirror to create a repeat pattern (which probably breaks a few design rules, but I enjoy it :)).

Carrie recently launched a collection of mini portrait pieces that I think are so cute! Some off these would be perfect for your kitchen, or in your child’s room, anywhere really. Shop her Etsy here and let her know I sent you! Check out her website here and give her some love over on instagram :)

It’s safe to say that I’m a big Stitch Folks fan and I think you should be too. Don’t forget to “shop small” this Holiday season and support small businesses like Carrie’s!

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