So, are you still doing photography?

*Dusts off cobwebs* How do I do this thing again?

Last month I announced that my career life is heading into a new direction, and much to my surprise it didn’t shock too many people. I suppose I’d been more obvious about things than I thought ;). And now I’m getting the expected question of, “So, are you still doing photography?”

Let me take you back to exactly one year ago, February of 2016. It was at this point that things weren’t looking or feeling right with my business, and I started doubting. So, I did what most people would do and I turned to books and podcasts hoping to find my answer. During this time I read the book Big Magic which became exceptionally transformative in my journey to date, and here’s why. In the book, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the struggle that takes place when your passion becomes your career and only source of income. When those two things compete, it’s easy to lose sight of the joy that was once your passion because the need to survive outweighs the need to create. When I read this, a lightbulb turned on and I realized she was talking about me. This need to survive by means of my passion sucked the joy right out from under me and I found myself forgetting why I had ever started photography in the first place.

Somewhere along the way I had lost my spark and love for photography. But, now that I have a full time job at an interior design firm (that I absolutely LOVE), it has given me the time and space to appreciate taking photos once again. I’m back to the creator phase, excited about shoots and picking up my camera because it’s on my terms and not based on survival. Does that make sense?

You see, I’ve been a photographer for seven years. It’s who I am and it’s what I do, photography will always be part of my life because it’s something that I absolutely love. But I also love other things like interior design, blogging, YouTube..not just photography. So, to answer your question, yes! I will always be a photographer, but I’m pursuing other things, alongside my love for taking photos. Cool huh?

It’s hard to make the big life decisions, it’s hard to have the tough conversations with yourself, it’s hard to listen to your heart and follow what it tells you, I get it. But, friend? Let my story serve as an example to you, I promise it’s worth every hardship. I lost myself somewhere in the last two years, but today? Today I have never been happier. I’m pursuing all of the things that I love and I encourage you to do the same!

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