The Self-Employment Myth Series

When I first left my day-job two and a half years ago, I had high hopes for productive workdays, organized to-do lists, and having systems in place for a seamless workflow. However, no amount of rifle paper company lists, creative entrepreneur webinars or new pens off Amazon could have prepared me for the amount of self-motivation it actually takes to be self-employed or the questions I had about doing it all.


I had put these unrealistic expectations on myself, that I would know exactly what to do everyday and how to do it right when I started. The truth is, I didn’t have any systems in place or much of a workflow at all, and that’s okay. I guess I hoped that I would learn those things in time and that everything would sort of fall into place once I knew what I was doing. As luck would have it, this is exactly what happened. But I wish that I had been more gracious with myself along the way.

What I didn’t know then, that I do know now: Running a business is hard work. It takes time, continual creativity, business knowledge, trial and error, finding what works best for you, patience (with yourself, mostly), systems, and everything in between. There is no magic-sauce to running your business. Sure, there are formulas and routines that marketing experts can offer you. But finding what works best for you and your well-being is actually the only formula that matters. Take bits and pieces that you learn along the way and mold them into your perfect system.

A self-employment truth? You won’t know everything when you start, and that’s because you haven’t had the chance to learn! Give yourself time to figure things out and grace while you learn. You’ll find that you never quite know it all, and the learning is a continual process! :)

Last week I listened to this podcast¬†wherein Jen Carrington interviews business coach Amy Young, and I found myself nodding along to every single thing Amy said. It’s definitely worth a listen!

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