A Day in the City


Today is Jeff’s birthday (Jeff is my husband) and there’s no better time than today to talk about how great it is do life and adventure with him. One of the best parts about marriage is getting to travel and explore together!

I never truly appreciated my hometown as a young girl. I don’t think it was until my mid-twenties that I realized just how great Sacramento truly is. The greatest thing about living in Sacramento is that we are located conveniently¬†two ours from the mountains of Tahoe, three hours from the ocean in Santa Cruz, and two hours from the City of San Francisco. We have three of the greatest places to explore right at our fingertips! Perhaps it was Fuller House airing on Netflix, or my recent love for Casey Neistat’s daily vlogs in NYC but I found myself craving some time in the city. So, a little over a week ago we packed up the car and drove to San Francisco!

I think we both took for granted living so close to a city like this that we had never truly taken the time to visit all of the tourist spots. First up on our list were the Painted Ladies… because, Full House (obviously). We walked around Alamo Square and people-watched as we took in some incredible views. Our next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s still crazy to me that we had never stopped to even take a picture of the bridge! So we waited in the traffic, crossed the bridge and shouldered up with all of the tourists. At the end of the day we decided to find some spots with a good view of the city. So, we went into the heart of the city and walked all around, up and down those incredibly steep hills!

This little escape was perfect for us. We found new restaurants that we can’t wait to introduce to our friends, we visited all of the tourist spots we had never experienced, and we had so much fun jumping in and out of the car all day long while we explored our way through one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

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