Pismo Beach


2015 was a huge year for us for a number of reasons, but one reason in particular stood out! After one deployment, countless weeks of orders, and six years of service, Jeff’s enlistment in the Army came to a close. So, in early December we took a trip down to Camp Roberts in San Luis Obispo to return all of his gear. Since we had to make the drive down there anyway, we figured we may as well turn it into a mini vacation and it turned out to be one of our favorite trips to date!

The four and a half hour drive down was full of podcasts and random stops in no-name cities. We eventually arrived at Camp Roberts, ready to get all of Jeff’s gear off our hands!

It honestly felt a bit surreal watching Jeff unpack everything, loading it onto the return table knowing it would be cleaned up, thrown into a bin and issued to a new soldier in just a few weeks time. That gear had traveled with him across the country and then across the world, and soon it would be issued to a new traveling soldier accompanying he or she across the world. I haven’t talked about the military much here…if ever really. But it’s been a large part of our lives since before we were married. Jeff missed birthdays, graduations, weddings, the birth of his nephew, weekend trips away with friends, anniversaries, holidays…just about everything there is to miss. He spent months of his life on orders from the government; whether he was training in SLO, back-end support for fire-fighters all over CA, or spending a year of his life in Iraq..he served his country and he served it well. We met so many great people and have incredible memories because of the military. Jeff has traveled the world, we’ve lived across the country and experienced things we never would have, had it not been for the Army.

So…this trip. It was a celebration of six years in the military come to a close; a new chapter in life for the both of us. Most of our travels over the last six years have been military-related so it was fun to close out that chapter of our lives in one of the most beautiful cities yet! We spent time walking the town of SLO (super quaint and cute), and we hopped on the HWY to see nearby Pismo Beach. It was a short trip but a fun one and it was a beautiful reminder for how lucky I am to be doing life with my very best friend!
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Welcome to my life with this guy :)



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