Home Office Tour & truths about working from home


Working from home means you’re living the dream, right? To a degree, YES! It’s a dream to work from home every day and decide whether or not I’d like to shower and wear makeup, which is obviously never. But there are other realities that are far less glamorous and I use the word glamorous loosely because wearing yoga pants and zero makeup isn’t exactly glam ;).

Working from home can sometimes be quite challenging. As an extrovert, it’s often a struggle for me to be alone all day, every day. I never really considered this part of the gig when imagining what life would be like once I dove into 40 hours a week in my home office, but it has become a reality. Our home is tiny, so my office is smack dab in the middle of our living space. This means that if I work all day, my environment never actually changes. The same living space that I look at from behind my desk all day, is the same living space that I relax in all night. I tend to go stir-crazy, and it has become absolutely crucial to my workflow and sanity that I get OUT of the office and experience life happening around me through out the week. As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve since discovered the beauty that is coffee shop wifi and midweek lunch dates with likeminded entrepreneurs.

There are however a number of days where working from home is more efficient, which is why I decided that my home workspace had to inspire me to create. Before I had the workspace below, I worked from a small desk that faced a wall and from a chair ottoman with zero back support. My productivity was at 0% and I’m pretty sure my 30’s are doomed to weekly chiropractic visits from that darn ottoman. Needless to say, the set up you’re about to view below changed my life.

Living in a small space means that you have to get creative with utilizing every last inch possible. We are lucky enough to have a larger living space that we were able to cut in half. Our couch separates my office from the living room, somewhat separating the large room into two defined spaces. When decorating my workspace I chose to include things that inspire me. I love bright white spaces with pops of color and greenery so that’s exactly what I incorporated. My excessive use of houseplants brings a bit of the outdoors inside, and gives life to the space. I’ve also arranged for my workspace to look outside our living room slider so that I can see outdoors and feel a nice breeze when the door is open (and when it isn’t in the 100s…which is basically never this Summer).

Here’s my take at a functioning work space in a tiny place!        









Desk: IKEA

Chair: IKEA

Blue Cart: IKEA

4-Square Unit: IKEA (are we noticing a trend?)

Wood Shelf: DIY from Home Depot

Wicker Chest (used as my foot rest): Thrifted

Weaved Trash Can: Target

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