24 Hours in NYC, Part Two


Day two in New York City was no less eventful than day one! We woke up in our Times Square hotel room and quickly made our way out to the crowds of New York. Our agenda for this day was to taxi down to Battery Park so we could see the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty. Our taxi driver didn’t speak very great English so we were dropped off at the furthest end of Battery Park where it was quite a walk to see Lady Liberty…our feet weren’t the happiest. It was windy as ever out on the tip of Manhattan, but it was fun to see the Hudson River surrounding the Statue of Liberty!

Our next mission was to find Casey Neistat’s office and BEME HQ…call us super-fans but we wanted to see where all of the magic went down and the infamous camera store directly below his studio! Casey is someone that has had a huge impact on my attitude toward business and it was really exciting to peek at his studio from the outside, and see where he has created such a successful life for himself and inspiration for others. Oh, and Jeff had to try dollar pizza…against Casey’s recommendation ;), it was just as horrible as he claims it to be.

new-york-city-photo_0002 new-york-city-photo_0003 new-york-city-photo_0004

Shots of the Freedom Tower on our way to Battery Park.

new-york-city-photo_0005 new-york-city-photo_0006 new-york-city-photo_0007 new-york-city-photo_0008 new-york-city-photo_0009 new-york-city-photo_0010

See that Go-Pro in the image below? That’s where Casey’s studio is…there’s usually kids waiting outside his office for pictures, SO we didn’t want to be one of those…we just played it cool and grabbed a couple shots of the exterior ;) … not creepy at all.

new-york-city-photo_0011 new-york-city-photo_0013

BEME is Casey’s technology startup … it’s a video-sharing app similar to SnapChat but no filters.


After browsing through K&M Camera we spent a little time walking through out the streets of SoHo where we met up with my family for lunch at the cutest cafe called The Cupping Room Cafe.

new-york-city-photo_0015 new-york-city-photo_0016 new-york-city-photo_0017 new-york-city-photo_0018 new-york-city-photo_0019 new-york-city-photo_0020

Lessons learned in NYC:

  • Never approach the wildlife you see in a park, especially not a raccoon that should be sleeping instead of wandering through out Central Park midday
  • Starbucks is everywhere. Never settle for a run-down McDonalds in the middle of Tribeca when you need to use the facilities *ahem*
  • Hailing a cab isn’t as hard as they say… but it IS as crazy to drive with them… I may or may not have feared for my life on several occasions
  • The Cupping Room Cafe has delicious sandwiches, you must go there
  • Top of the Rock is perfect at dusk because you see a view of the city in beautiful golden light and 30 minutes later the city glows in the dark..it’s incredible
  • Buying touristy junk is so much fun, walking around NYC wearing said touristy junk is exceptionally cheesy…but we did it anyway
  • In the event that Kanye West’s uncle is your shuttle driver to the airport …. Well, I’m actually out of advice for this one …. But, in case you didn’t see where I was going with that… Kanye West’s uncle was our driver!! How cool is that???

All-in-all, our trip to New York City was a quick but jam-packed 24 hours full of incredible memories. I’m not even kidding when I say that I’m already planning our next trip back. I still need to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, see Grand Central Station, spend a an entire day biking through Central Park, explore the West Village, and experience a play on Broadway. There’s so much to do in the City!

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