Monthly Favorites | July


STRANGER THINGS: This is an obvious favorite, right? I don’t know anyone who hasn’t yet binged this Netflix original. We may or may not have finished it in two days flat. This is a supernatural/sci-fi series meets Goonies circa 1983. Jeff and I couldn’t get enough of it. Between the compelling storyline and incredible take on nostalgic cinematography, we were hooked. There’s currently only one season on Netflix, but the writers already have plans to expand into more seasons.

ALMOST MAKES PERFECT: Molly is a lifestyle and DIY blogger with lovely taste in home decor and design. I first discovered her by listening to her interview on the Style Matters podcast where she talked all about design and life. I love the clean aesthetic of her site & her helpful content. She recently moved into a new home that is undergoing some renovations…who else is shocked that I’m hooked to her blog? ;)

UN-FANCY: On the topic of blogs, I’ve recently become an avid reader of the blog: Un-Fancy. She is the creator of the ever-popular Capsule Wardrobe…which I have adapted parts of in my own wardrobe (see where I discuss my winter capsule here). She really makes fashion feel attainable and thoughtfully explains the ins and outs of having a wardrobe you’re happy with. As a person who has never really understood fashion and putting together great outfits, I’ve found her blog really helpful.

THE COFFEE COMMUTE PODCAST: I’m a total podcast junkie so when the Rising Tide Society launched their daily podcast this week I was pretty darn excited. They leaked mini bonus episodes last week that I loved, and their August 1st launch brought with it some great interviews  + compelling content that hasn’t disappointed. Well done guys!

OTHER FAVORITES: these printsthis instagram, and this instagram too, pinning to this board, reading this book

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