Miners Foundry Wedding, Grass Valley CA, Kate and Bobby


Their sweet love story unfolded on the most perfect Autumn day in Grass Valley at Miner’s Foundry. The details of came together just right; the deep maroons of her flowers paired with the stone in the grand hall at the Foundry were quite the match, and surrounded by the ones they love most, Kate and Bobby committed to do life together. I paraphrased a bit of Kate and Bobby’s story they so kindly shared with me. And because I could never do their story justice, here it is in Bobby’s words;

“It was the end of June and I stumbled (swiped?) upon a profile on Tinder of Kate Sutton who had 4 words in her biography. “Writer. Daydreamer. Adventure Seeker. Vinyl Spinner.” I sat there looking at these four words for a while thinking, Huh. Straight, succinct, and most of all, interesting. I wonder what she writes about? and did the simplest, greatest action I have ever done: swiped right. I don’t remember if it was later that same day or a day or so later, but my phone buzzed and I saw the stupid little flame picture on my phone’s status bar; I had a new match on Tinder….Thinking most people like the movie Stepbrothers, even though I had never seen it, let’s open with Will Ferrell. Everyone loves will Ferrell! So I messaged her ‘Did we just become best friends?’ And that was how it started.”

On one of their dates, “So we arranged to meet at the mall, where the only falafel place was. I had gotten there first, and was waiting by the restaurant when she showed up, and what followed next was probably the most awkward date that anyone could witness from the outside. We got our falafel, and in the hustle and bustle of the mall food court (super classy place, I know), I had forgotten to pay for her meal and went to find us a table. Way to go Bobby, starting it off strong. Then when we sat down to eat (it was garbage falafel), we start talking and somehow impressions get brought up. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t work for a 3rd rate Vegas show doing impressions, but did them I did and belted out a fairly loud Arnold Schwarzenegger impression right there in the food court, which I am sure embarrassed her greatly. Then after we ate, we grabbed gelato (I paid this time), and went outside to eat our desert. It was out here that I gave her what counts as a compliment in my stupid head. I had told her that she had very pretty, strikingly blue eyes. Eyes just like my friend’s dog. Yep, you read that correctly. “Hey there, dog-eyes!” was the gist of my compliment. We again parted ways after another great night of conversation despite every inadvertent attempt to ruin it with supreme awkwardness, and I felt myself liking this girl more and more every time we met and talked, either in person or on the phone.

The one who you choose as your spouse should be your most valued teammate, someone who has your back through thick and thin, who will always support you even when the deck is stacked against you. That’s what love is, really; loving someone to the degree that you love yourself. And honestly, her love for me is sometimes staggering for how much she has.

Her presence is a comfort unto my soul like I have never known. When I am with her, I feel like I can do anything and no matter what will succeed, because she is there to support me. Because of this, I love her with every fiber of my being, and I vow to never disgrace that love for as long as our lives last on earth.”

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Wedding Venue | Miner’s Foundry

Wedding Coordinator | Raegen Elrod of Anything’s Possible Events and More

Floral Design | Olivia Rose of Tulips and Tangerines

Cake Design | Cake Castle

DJ | Bobby Wilkers of DJ Bobby G

Bride’s Dress | Sparkle Bridal Couture

Bridesmaids Dresses |Davids Bridal and Alfred Angelo

Photographer | Nicole Dianne

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