Lifestyle Holiday Sessions

There’s nothing I love more than home. It’s always been my safe place, and somewhere that I can be myself.  I always prefer a game night in, rather than going out with friends, and I think that stems from my love for the comfort of home. Our homes are safe havens, for most of us. We have family game nights, candlelit nights curled up with a book, family holidays, we cuddle with our animals, we watch our favorite sitcoms [errr reality tv in my case ;)], and it’s where we’ve shared some of our most sacred moments with friends and family.


I’ve always loved how every home has a uniqueness like none other, and every piece in that home reflects your family. I could tell stories upon stories about bits and pieces of my home, and almost all of my family members homes. I absolutely love being in my nana and grandpa’s home,  just thinking about it I’m instantly taken to a place with a view of the river, cozy fireplace, Frank Sinatra playing, and cousins running around. I love being down at my Aunt and Uncle’s house because every holiday is decked out, down to St. Patricks day. There’s usually music playing, great food, and lots of super fun people. I love being at my parents house because comfort lies in the walls I grew up in. I know everything about that home, the traditions that we have, where the dog treats are hidden, where the craft cupboard is, I know it all. Our homes should be celebrated because they’re such a large part of who we are.


Over the last few years I’ve discovered the importance of capturing the little moments and traditions that are hidden behind the walls of our homes. These moments can sometimes be chaotic and crazy, that’s okay too. I’ve had my fair share of chaotic happen in my home, and that’s actually real life too!! The imperfect in your homes and mine is actually what’s perfect to me. Do you have a goofy TV stand and a kitchen from the 80s? Hey me too! Do you have an awesome dresser in your bedroom that you scored for cheap at a consignment store and the cutest mug that holds pens on your desk? Hey me too! The point here is that we all have goofy things in our homes, but we also have areas in our homes that we’re just waiting to share with the world. Hello instagram, thank you for allowing me to share bits and pieces of the pretty in my home and ignore the rest. Just kidding, instagram should NOT be the only images you have of your home ;)


I’m positive that your family has traditions surrounding the upcoming Holiday season. Does your family ALWAYS decorate for Christmas on a certain day? Do you  have a baking day with your cousins or your immediate family? Let me preface this by saying, my family has never had a cute Christmas tree family tradition. We’ve tried the snow, cutting down the tree with friends, and we were way too cold and fussy. We’ve done the whole Home Depot thing, and it poured rain…like every year. So now we all have fake Christmas trees. But those are great memories looking back and I smile thinking back to how silly it all sounds. Do you cut down a Christmas tree or go to a Christmas tree lot on the side of the road every year? Do you decorate the tree together while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate? [we do this, sometimes it’s just my mom and I because boys can be lame, but we make them sit and watch] Do you have a special family game night when all your cousins come into town? What is it that your family does? I want to take pictures of it!

Investing in pictures of your family, inside the place where you are a family is something you won’t ever regret. A friend of mine shared with me that every year when they decorate for Christmas they put up this huge, dorky looking snowflake, and she doesn’t like how it looks whatsoever. But what she loves is the look on her daughters face when it’s put up. Those are the moments I’m talking about. This time of year is so magical in the eyes of children….and my eyes :) So why not help them remember how magical it was for them by having pictures taken during this time?

These would make the most unique, and fun Christmas cards too which is why I’ll be offering custom Christmas cards during this offer!

For a limited amount of time this season I’ll be offering Lifestyle Holiday Sessions! This is something I am SO pumped about, and honestly I just said “pumped” so humor me and be excited with me. I’m listening to the “Nutcracker Sweet” as I type this and I’m mentally decorating my house for Christmas on October 29th, I’m really excited. The flyer below explains what all is included, for special pricing depending on your family’s tradition you’d like captured, please email me “”


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