John & Nicole | Miner’s Ravine Engagement | Granite Bay, CA


These friends mean the world to me. It’s hard to write out just how much love you can have for two people and the amount of excitement you feel when those two decide to get MARRIED! I’m not huge on showing emotion or talking about my feelings, but I get all sorts of emotional when I think about how happy I am for John & Nicole and their decision to become husband and wife. I’ve watched their relationship from the beginning evolve into what it is today and I can not WAIT for their wedding day!

Also, when your best friends get engaged and ask you to take their pictures, it’s a bit nerve-wracking… and then you remember who they are and that they’re stuck with you for life regardless of the outcome and it seems far less nerve-wracking than before ;).

old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0182 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0183 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0184 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0185 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0187 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0186 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0188 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0189 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0190 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0191 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0192 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0193 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0194 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0195 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0196 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0197 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0199 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0200 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0201 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0202 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0203 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0204 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0205 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0206 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0207 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0208 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0209

And some of my favorite outtakes from the day, because we were laughing the ENTIRE time :)

old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0210 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0211 old-roseville-couples-nicole-dianne-photography_0213

Nicole, don’t kill me ;)


  • Sydnie Leah - Oh my goodness. LOVE, love love your work.ReplyCancel

  • Hillary - ahhh so adorbs Nicole!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Gale Anne - I love these pictures. Can I get some from you. You are so talented Nicole.ReplyCancel

  • Carol Grismer Lenane - These are fantastic pictures of two fantastic people! You are so talented Nicole! Can we clone you so you can photograph the wedding and just enjoy it at the same time?ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Angieri - omgosh so beautiful….she looks so much like you.ReplyCancel

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